TPPA was just a teaser, now it’s TISA

“They” just keep on doing it don’t “they”, are you getting tired of the lawmakers and their commercial code yet? Sharks forever in a feeding frenzy.

Go on, you know deep in your gut something is dreadfully wrong with “the law” can you put your finger on it?
Research legal name fraud, forget what you think you know, take a fair unbiased look at the evidence!

The Truth About The Cestui Qui Vie Trusts Of 1666.

To be clear, the trusts do not belong to “the people” they belong to the legal religious cult.
The trusts are “discretionary”which means the beneficiary need never be informed of their status as beneficiary by either the administrators or trustees of the accounts.
The administrators and trustees can milk the accounts indefinitely to only their advantage, whilst you can only ever remain surety, the one that pays the bills for, and chained by debt in servitude to, the account, the fictional “person”.

The trusts are part of the psychological deception, designed to appeal to the lower nature of mankind, a sure way to appeal to greed and sloth, in particular of indigenous minds, to gather them under the jurisdiction of the cult when the concept of delivery would likely fail where Christianity was not a familiar or acceptable belief system to them.

An idea that led men to believe they would be provided for financially by the sophisticated language of the liars and their laws if one agreed to make their mark on a legal document and embrace the money system in the open ended tacit  contract that hinted along the lines of sharing wealth, ownership/guardianship of land and natural resources.
Little did anyone know that mark they made signified the transfer of their body and soul from free living being to property of the legal religious cult.

The legal trusts that were set up could have easily provided a very respectable lifestyle for every living being on this planet, had the intent been followed, unfortunately due to the inherent weakness, and psychosis susceptibility, of the ego mind and its’ propensity to embrace and participate wilfully in the seven deadly sins, all of which can be excused “legally”, humanity has witnessed and become subject to the lust filled whims of the basest of men and women.

Once again, to be absolutely clear, absolutely nothing legal belongs to anyone, no trust, no money, no land! All “legal” things belong to the legal religious cult, the fictional legal entity commonly known as the Crown, or government, no matter what fictional idea of a country you think you may be a part of. Best of all (for the cult not you) you, of your own unwitting consent by using a “legal” name, which is also the property of the “legal” cult, become “legal” property of the cult!

Research legal name fraud if you dare to find out the truth for yourself.

One Small Voice. You Verses Legal.

Monarchic constitution provided a small measure of escape from financial oppression for the common man through common law, corporate constitution will close that door forever.

Whether it be Queen in right of .com or both are based in the Babylonian whore speak legal cult laws of commerce where you are bought and sold by the legal cult as an assurance commodity into slavery as you grow up claiming to be a citizen of some fictitious country, defending what you think is your name when in fact it is not.

Research legal name fraud. It is in essence illegal to use a legal name and illegal to engage in legal processes because you do not have permission from a legal authority to do either.
Put an end to your fraud and theirs.

The question is do you have the guts, the moral fortitude, to finally stand up in truth? That one small voice singing true facing the criminal justice system alone laying all things legal to rest for yourself forever?


Truth or Diere?

For every dollar that you make at least half of it goes to the parasites.
All that made possible by you because of your willing consent to obey legal fraud, cult law, if you do “legal” you have no right to complain, STFU, grimace and bear it, yes you are being shafted! Legally!
It has always been your choice and always will be to associate or not associate, to be a slave to the legal cult or not.
If you truly want to see change, stop doing “legal”. God knows most of us try to live honestly, why isn’t it working?
Change by trusting that in Truth/God there are more equitable honest ways of living without the parasites, without the economic conspiracy, without the murder and destruction.
Stop thinking in terms of what you have become used to, that serves to prevent you from seeing any other way because there is no other way as long as you keep thinking “this is the way it is” or how can we “adjust” it to fix it, it is not fixable, Your mind, logic, rationale, actions, still remain structured according to the old prevailing paradigm until you stop thinking it terms of it.
These things are of psychological design, thought makes things happen. The root of these “system” thoughts are such that the individual choices of men and women is the choice between good or evil, right or wrong, good for the many or good for the few, specifically taking advantage of the psychological weaknesses of character inherent in the mental mechanics of the minds  and hearts of man/woman.
Fear, lusts of the flesh, greed, laziness, deception all the seven dead-lie sins, where the smallest common factor is but a conscious choice between living according to truth or lies.
Research Legal Name Fraud, you won’t be disappointed that you did it is all connected, but you will continue to be disappointed in life if you outright reject it or scare yourself in to stopping your search for Truth.
Kia Kaha, be strong, don’t give up on your quest for Truth, ever!

Prime Sinister Key and his legal ass ee

The debt Clown Prints Key and his mobsters have racked up is not “our” debt, as in yours and mine certainly not mine, and not yours unless of course you actually want to pay it? Show me the contract that says I consent to him or any other scumbag legal cult liar borrowing money on my behalf. Oh, that’s right! A contract does exist, an assumed/tacit contract in the form of a birth certificate that has a “legal name” on it, that with other elements of written law hide the true intent of the document called a birth certificate. It is of course a fraudulent contract as the full terms and conditions of said contract have never truly been revealed/exposed up until recently!
The name on a birth certificate never belonged to you, you or your parents did not “legally” create it so you can’t “legally” own it. You cannot legally create legal things, be totally honest about it, you do not have permission to do so from a legal authority do you!
If you did have permission then you would not need the legal cult in order to create legal things further to the breeder document, the birth certificate, you would be able to create “legal” things such as licenses, permissions and laws of your own design, you could be the copyright holder. Further to that you can’t even involve yourself honourably in any legal process, because you do not have permission. Even hiring a liar to do legal things for you is tantamount to doing legal things yourself, liken it to hiring a hitman to murder someone you are still guilty of the crime involved a lawyer will simply be aiding and abetting you in the commission of that crime.
If you think it is unfair to refer to lawyers as liars, consider that every law the cult members write, promote, adhere to, obey, is fiction, a made up idea, not fact, not reality – lies.
If you think it is unfair to refer to their organisation as a cult, consider their history, their rituals, their dark connections, their organised religions, their leader the Pope who issues the word of their god.

That name that you think is yours provides the cult with all the energy, manpower and wealth it needs to wage wars and get you and your children to kill and be killed legally, using that name is your pledge, your consent to their dark legal religion, using that name is your consent to become their property to do as they wish with.

If you are at all aware of the wholesale slaughter in the name of profit going on internationally and domestically it is the legal name makes all that possible.
Have you not noticed the corruption, the false promises, the lies going on worldwide in politically high places, places where lawmakers play with your life? The corruption in banking and economics?

The thing that holds most people back from doing the right committing themselves to the truth is their consideration of what they think they might lose if they surrender the legal name and cease using it, they are still being fools because they also think they can “legally” own things, the truth is you can’t own anything because you do not have any legal authority independent of the Crown!
The truth is that all the possessions you think you have legal right to belong to the Crown cult because it is only legal things, like the name on a birth certificate, that have legal ownership of those possessions and the Crown legal cult owns all of them, you signed them over to the Crown legal cult using their legal name! No use complaining to them when it is you that makes it happen, they will simply invent another fictitious law to relieve you of those possessions, that bank account! All coming to your place very soon!

The sooner you put a stop to your law breaking, using a legal name and attempting to engage in legal processes the better the chances of you retaining your belongings, because when you do not claim to be a legal thing, you are not a legal entity and do not do anything legal then legal cannot do anything to you or with you.

Don’t you think it is about time you grew some and got really serious about finding out what you can do on your own that will no longer make you a consenting partner to all the suffering and destruction?

It is illegal to use a legal name, consider the consequences if that statement is true!
I assure you it is, don’t believe me do your own due diligence find out and test it for yourself, take your “Key” to your life back!

In order for there to be World Peace, There is a price to pay, a sacrifice to be made.

World peace has come at a hefty price many a time in the past. Historically the price has been millions of lives of people that never wanted war in the first place, rarely at the cost of any of the lives of those that promote killing and destruction, those that give orders to others to make sure it happens.
Are you truly committed to seeing world peace made manifest? Or are you simply a politically correct actor type carrying a sign on a stick, speaking self righteous well worn scripts most are already familiar with and  have no substantial idea on how to actually achieve it?
Do you seriously deduce there is some chance in hell that a million or even ten million carrying signs saying no more war will be a concern for those that have always profited by these wars?

What sacrifice are you prepared to make to stop it? Are you prepared to give? All your worldly possessions? Your creature comforts? Your ego? In exchange for world peace?
You will most likely lose them all anyway should the new world war, already underway, require more resources, blood sacrifice and bodies.
I am just wondering how serious you are, let’s have a head count here and now, post a yes or no reply to the above if you are prepared to give up the aforementioned.

Contrary to popular belief, it does take only one to change the world and the ball is already rolling, time for you to catch up or be left behind.
If you are one that has made the appropriate sacrifice you will know what I am talking about, if not and you are serious about making a difference in this world of deception then it is high time that you get on the straight and narrow and make a determined effort to navigate the path to truth before it is too late for you.
The lies may not be of your making but I assure you you are complicit and contributing to the cult “legal” continuation of death and destruction upon and of this planet.

Find out how to safely disassociate from the legal cult, research legal name fraud, and by research I mean don’t just form an opinion based upon your dissonance inhibited by your current conclusions about these laws you think you have to obey that are put upon you by the legal cult, put the findings of “legal name fraud” to the test yourself!

All the best to you!

How can “they”(Government) take my “things” without my consent?

The method in which your “things” can be stolen is “legal”, it is fraud and you and a multitude of others are complicit in that fraud and consequently the theft of your own belongings, by claiming to be/own a legal name and engaging in legal process without permission from a “legal” authority, becomes “legally” legitimate.
Creators of legal “things” are the owners of “legal things” In order to keep your belongings you must not claim to be the legal name that appears on a birth certificate, that “legal” document created by legal process witnessed and signed off by members of the bar association (worldwide) aka government, aka the Crown corporation worldwide, nor engage in any legal process without express written permission.
when you stop doing those things your assumed association with the fictional “legal” authority ceases to be, since you choose not to do legal things, legal things cannot do you!
Two worlds in one where only you can draw the line between yourself and that world of fiction/lies. Research legal name fraud.