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Send The Sons Of Men to me, I Will Show Them What They Lost.
The “Law” is a “Criminal” Justice System , Of Itself it is “Criminal”. It Cannot Function Without Those Willing To Commit Fraud. All Who Participate In It Unavoidably Commit Fraud By Way Of Design.
The Q – Trump Saviour Illusion
If it weren’t for legality there would be no war in Palestine.
What’s in your meat? Food for thought.
To Subrogate is to Substitute Reality with Pretense – Lies.
Living Without Legal Obligations.
Government is treating you like a criminal foreign agent threat? That is because legally you are!
Not getting straight answers from the lawmakers? Stuck with legal slave status? Here’s why.
The Imaginary Realm Of Legality.
For heavens sake, give up that legal name!
Bibliophobes and Bible Lovers Alike, Beware! Find The Facts About That Legal Name You Live By.
Global Economic Reset – What It Really Means.
Ipse Dixit And The Legal Name Fraud
Determining the Foreign Law Rule 44 Flaw, #BCCRSS
Inherent And Unavoidable Bias In Family Court Use Of Psychologists.
Government is not your enemy, you are!
Can the good guys use “the law” to get the bad guys out of their abusive positions of power in it? NO!
Are you waiting for righteous men or women to amend the laws? Bring true justice? It can never happen. Fools rush in.
Melvin Stampers, Another For Profit False Prophet. Repudiates Life In Favour Of Legality.
Warning, Sovereign, Freeman, Everyone, Do Not Be Further Fooled.
Ye of all religions Be Warned. “Colossal” Legal Name Fraud Biblical Verification.
A Legal Name Is Death To The Living. For Lifes Sake Stop Using Names!
The Tree of Knowledge and its Forbidden Fruit, You will die eating it, yet you can live again.
It is not Gods’ task to bring justice and peace to the world it is ours!
Renowned Judge Anna Von Reitz declaims her crown and birthright.
We Play The Instruments Of Our Own Destruction.
Religion teaches that assumption is equivalent to truth.
So you think you have rights? You think you are honest and truthful? In Law, all become liars, thieves and murderers, no rights, only privileges!
Hitler, & the legal land grab.
When Governments Turn On The People.
Invisible Bodies, Acts and Pretense, These Are The Laws You have Been Living By.
What Is Your God?
Sovereign, King of Nothing, Not Even Of Self.
A Parasite That Kills Its Host Lives Fed By Thought In the Brain Of Mankind.
New Age Art of Self Deception
So You Think The “Strawman” Is Yours? You Must Believe In Lying!
The Dark Side Of Genealogy, The Genie Logic Exposed.
Legal Correction of Status – Wishful Thinking, Not Get Out Of Jail Free.
The Truth About CitiZenShip.
Your Consent to Becoming Property, Slave To Lawmakers and The Soulution.
Your Life, Your Death, My Insurance.
This Is Your Life Up Until You Stop It
Be Rid Of The Invisible Contract Once & For All.
Evidence That Through Law You Are Dead, Yet Still Alive.
Power Over the World, How the Spell was Caste.
The Number of Man and the number of “His” Name.
A Name That Is Vanity. A Legal Name!
Did you, or did you not create, and therefore own/not own, the legal name you think is yours? Tell the Truth!
You heard about legal name fraud and you are studying the implications of a birth certificate?
Thou hast a name that thou livest and art dead
Time is short sovereign citizens and freemen, you are not sovereign nor free. Here is why.
Sorry My Mistake, It Isn’t My Name!
Legally you become a lesser God, an image, not original, a crimeinall.
Spiritually aware you profess? Come closer, I will tell you why that belief will not work for you in what is to come.
Satanic Symbolism, How can we relate to it rationally?
A Name That You Live That Makes You Property and Dead.
Graven images – Grave in imaginings
Proud Rational Athiest? You follow a religion but you don’t know it!
Time To Get Real, Time To Be Responsible.
Letters to Legal Authorities.
Common law vs Commercial law, same vehicle different paint job.
Have Teachers Of The Bible Led You To Separate From Spirit?
Cestui Qui Vie, it is dead, don’t bury it, cremate it! Pay no more of your mind, body and soul to it.
Translation of BC-CRSS, Birth Certificate – Clausula Rebus Sic Stantibus.
Legal Name Fraud, Prepare yourself for information overload.
So much truth coming to light, I have no time to think what I can actually do about it all?
Your God/s, your Church, your State, your Covenant.
The Word, The God and The Legality
Judge anna von reitz, the truth about her “other” mark.
“Country” “State” “Border” “Babylon” are nothing more than ideas.
Render Unto Caesar and the Mark of the Beast, How to know what you have chosen.
What is all this stuff about legal names, trusts and bonds?
Let’s destroy another Biblical myth and turn it in to truth.
For the more literal minded, Babylon and the Whore, what and who are they?
Is legality overriding your sense of right and wrong?
Short version of my point of you on legal name fraud.
Freeman or Sovereign? No, here’s why!
Caveat Emptor, which Gods’ laws are you buying in to?
Your Legal Ownership is Fantasy. You Have Been Tricked!
Are Your Children Property? Are You Or Your Children Legal Names?
The Biggest Mistake You Ever Made In Your Life & The Lives Of Your Children.
ANZAC Day, Celebration of Death and Destruction, they got what the signed up for, liars and murderers like their father before them.
Muffins? Famine? War? What MEN will U Buy In To?
So You Think Perhaps The Jews Are To Blame?
TPPA was just a teaser, now it’s TISA
The Truth About The Cestui Qui Vie Trusts Of 1666.
One Small Voice. You Verses Legal.
Truth or Die-r?
Prime Sinister Key and his legal ass ee
In order for there to be World Peace, There is a price to pay, a sacrifice to be made.
How can “they”(Government) take my “things” without my consent?
Those of you who think John Key, or any politician in the world is a traitor, here is your correction!
Mountains, Vails, Coverings, Nations, What Does All this Biblical Shit Mean?
Legal Madness, it isn’t the mozzies that cause it! Are you zika the law makers yet?
Who is the Anti-Christ you ask?
You can never “legally” own anything, you can only play the part of trustee.
Some people think they own the world!
Permission is Essential to all things Legal
David Icke has no truly viable solution.
The Assumed Name Certificate, Deed Poll.
The Search for Truth in Life.
Vandana Shiva tells us that Corporations are fictions.
Time to Abandon the Lies of Man
How the Homeless are Created and Your Part in it.
Crown Spiritual Dominance Over All Nations
The escape Clause
Money Monsters of Commerce in Biblical Proportion
A Legal State Of Mind
Birth Certificate Fraud; Clausula Rebus sic stantibus
Virtues of the BAR Association – pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth
Living Man Must Not Participate In Crown Law
The Freeman Sovereign Approach to Legal Name Fraud
Remove All Crown “legal” Jurisdiction, Never Set foot In a Crown Court again.
At the end of your patience with “the law”?
Jurisdiction of Crown Administrative Law -How Humanity Has Been Duped
Vote for a flag? Your death pledge.
To whom it may concern, that means YOU!
Are there undetectable Forces Influencing Your Life?
Living Man/Wo-man Your Mind Is Trapping You In A Dead World
Your Problem is “Legal” Your Protest is Illegal.
It is Illegal to Use a Legal Name – Birth Certificate Fraud
Why Your Vote is Completely Irrelevent
What Is Happening In Your Schools
You Broke the Law Getting a License!
The Age of Consent and Crown Control (why assistance is cut off for a year at 17yrs)
Doctors Investigated For Involvement In Alleged Fraud, Waterston Assessment Unit Dorset.
The War On The Indigenous
Copyright – The Ultimate Law, That Causes All Harm and Strips You of Your Freedom and Your Voice.
Your Power Company is Stealing From You
You, Insanity, Pretending, Acting and Fictional “Legal Authorities”
How you are serving against your own human interests and life itself by “Taking Anything to a Crown Court”
Corporate Control of the Human Population of Earth
Banks, Mortgages, Loans & Your Relationship To Them and The Crown
Television Scholars, Monkey See, Monkey Hear, Monkey Think.
Good and Evil are inherent in all things of this world, yourself being the prime example.
ANZAC Weekend A Ritualistic Celebration of Death. A Luciferian ritual, a manipulation of the energies of your mind.
Namegate The result of which is that all previously perceived authority is now NULL & VOID.
Legal Remedy? Sovereign? Freeman? Common Law? No Way!
You Don’t Own A Name, The Name Owns You!
Is There an Alternative to Socialism or is The Choice an illusion?
Culmination of Those Aha Moments
Your Power Company is Scamming You
What’s In The Mail?
Protection or Remedy for the Individual Against the Police or Other Agents of the Crown
You can only contract in commerce by infringing copyright constituting fraud for pecuniary gain
If it is “Divine Justice” you seek, be careful where you look for it and who you ask, there are fakers out there, and you are one of them!!
You thought “Fiction” should be disregarded in this reality yet you believe in Law?
The LEGAL Road to Living Hell by Way of Your Own Birth/Death Certificate
The “KEY” to Freedom and Equality
The “LAW” and sooner or later
Colonization and Culture New Zealand and the entire planet
What is wrong with the New Zealand Constitution?