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    1. All the best Timothy, please feel free to communicate should there be anything you wish to know about the legal name fraud,
      Revelation 3:1 And unto the angel of the church in Sardis write; These things saith he that hath the seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars; I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.
      It is the legal name that appears on a birth certificate that had us all dead , not just the soft or fainthearted, uttering the names of other gods.
      Exodus 23: 13 And in all things that I have said unto you be circumspect: and make no mention of the name of other gods, neither let it be heard out of thy mouth.

  1. Great information & for the first time making sense from all the flood of information out there.
    How does onevtsjr the action tomfree yourself from the shackles of bondage.
    The direction & action plan & path is seldom highlighted.
    The problem is discussed often but the full process on how to free ourselves is absent.

    1. Once you have made your mind up to not do something that was the source of difficulties you face in life you will naturally act accordingly guided by a force within Ray, call it spirit, God, Jesus, as you wish. you will adjust your thinking and subsequent behaviours to ensure the “thing” is no longer part of your life experience, it is a re-learning process. The full process begins with detaching oneself from that legal name and any legal processes, you will find it is all a logical progression, each has their own set of experiences making no two exactly the same, hence there is no step by step one size fits all instruction manual, the only common requirement is making that decision to begin living according to that truth and sticking with it.

  2. Keep studying all you can find on legal name fraud to fortify your thinking and importantly also remember to breathe in situations of conflict, lose the ingrained fear driven responses.

    1. How does one free a tangled soul that was spat from the heavens down into the web/net for using the legal name (accepting the mark of the beast) and left to be raped mind body and soul by the beasts roaming this realm? I’ve had death threats and my family broken. My spiritual kingdom was pillaged my heart turned to coal and my mind shattered. Not fun.

      1. You fought the fight too much on the outside Jason, I learned quickly of those consequences thus suffering and losing little at the hands of the beasts. I still have family and life intact, threats are just empty words that amount to nothing. I put the lack of damage to me and mine to overriding my ego responses, to only react in a strictly unbiased non confrontational approach to the best of my ability, learning to breath, surrendering to the power behind the truth and thinking/not thinking before opening the mouth are major factors in bringing peace to both the physical and spiritual. Levels of fear, emotion, hatred, anger, pride, doubt, loss and scripting major factors in the severity of external confrontational experiences, nevertheless my heart does go out to you in your desperation Jason. Your spiritual kingdom has been violated (of our own doing) not pillaged, no one can steal that from us despite what they may trick us in to believing, it is still with us intact the beasts do not possess it, all they can do is entice you to believe you have lost it like they believe, I can relate to you feeling compromised, that can be changed with just a thought, let it go. Are you living now without legal name?

      2. Hi Kristo, thanks for the reply, there’s really no one I can talk to about this because those that don’t know think I’m insane, joined a cult or found a trafficking ring triggering a mental breakdown. When I first found legal name fraud, it clicked and snapped me out of all the conspiracies and reminded me we’re all in this together. Initially though, I thought it was relating to writers using a pen name when writing a book and at the time I was ‘righting’ my book of life and trying to write it out. Also actors and musicians change their names when becoming “stars” and I was well on my spiritual journey, i was turning 33, had stopped eating animals, returned to the inner laws and was cleansing all bad from my life while trying to right past wrongs. I achieved a permanent vibration of ecstasy, it was the best I’ve ever felt. Before I heard of LNF I’d already emailed the local council regarding the use of birth certificates which happened to be a Gaelic Scottish council as I had moved to a quiet Scottish island from England in my teens with my parents. Apparently at some point we’d been classed as dead and lost beyond the sea (admiralty/commerce) so I had to let all know i was alive. I asked around only to get sent in a circle, (there’s my clue maybe) then fb started asking for ID so I ran with it and started shouting from the rooftops LNF.

        I went 7 months without using legal anything when it occurred to me that the whole time repeating the (pre) script (“possession” is 9/10th of the law) about LNF that I’d been doing so from my dear parents IP and home address. I didn’t want to bring any trouble to them which is when I began to backside. First I got an email from a teacher in Plymouth saying “It is not the legal name THEY are after” employing me to take on a spiritual class in my local area, thinking I knew better I declined if it meant using a legal name as I didn’t want to break any laws. Then I received a message from the discussion group saying bluntly “the end of your meaning is Monaco”. This scared me, a lot. I started to feel I had endangered those around me. I lost faith in creation here because i feared not everyone “got this”. Then i received an email from copyright.gov whom I’d emailed a few months prior regarding the copyright part but forgotten I’d not heard back, it said “the typography and design was copyright protected but the details were not” (the devils in the details) and that there was unlimited offences to destroying crown property, I’d burnt my original birth certificate, the red wax seal of approval one (with the name hand written by my parents). I started to think maybe I’d been had.

        I noticed the police on our drive way having a look around my car which was parked off road. At some point around this time and I received an email from the tax office asking me to declare my car off road with the click of a button, I did, this was the first time using my given name in 7 months. That’s when all hell broke lose on me and have been under attack ever since. I started to notice black helicopters above the house and planes spreading weird pagan signs, then a strange military and police presence around me, people walking past the house and urinating on our garden. Particularly odd was the French Guardia with hand guns. Then people disappearing and moving away and we began to receive a huge amount of airplanes visiting the island the same time there was fibre optic upgrades, then visits from members of the Royal family and other high profile names you couldn’t make up, judge Judy, Kanye West and a black limo with entourage for the Rockefellers around the time an oil rig “broke free” while in tow to be destroyed by a Dutch company and landed on the shore of the island for all to see, siphoning the life blood of the island. It was while all this was happening that (no names) explained to me that “When robbing the banks, they need a getaway driver” and I was “hired and then fired” as the getaway driver is as guilty as the ones robbing the (spiritual) banks. It was then explained to me that the legal name was JANE DOE-755 that I had accepted way back (downloaded with lots of binary and unreadable computer codes attached) and emailed to the national trust and council (thinking i was using it to state i was not dead or lost beyond the sea) but was told this was the real mark of the beast and destroys everything it touches, I just had to buy the first lie (that there was such a thing as death, I didn’t want to die until the moment i was told I was “it”) CAVEAT EMPTOR and now owned the lie (death debt) and was holding the ticket (Lie-u-cypher) which had dishonoured myself and my whole family from the beginning and marked us spiritually as well as force this curse/fraud on everyone else in the British accredited register (of life death and marriage records/events) it was a jail break and pass over of the buck/book old bill (vs the immortal soul) and i picked up the tab at the BAR serving spirits through optics. Worse still I had been going around telling everyone to stop using their legal name because it was consenting to being spiritually dead which meant I was now a spiritual killer as we’re actually born in-law (unless out of wedlock,a war-lock) until we break them, thou shalt not kill. This is when, the pen being mightier than the sword, spiritually I was killed.

        I felt a real dull thud in my neck one night lay asleep then (no names) attack me (law protects/shields personal consciousness and the heart from trespass) the first night was my cord/chord being cut where I fell at the speed of light while all of his-story flew past my eye until eventually landing in a patriarch court (out of body experience but no OBE award for treason) on a cross surrounded by jeering where I was split in two at the core and burst into flames for turning away from christ/truth. (No names) put a yoke on me and explained how I was their ass/don-key to bring in their story and I do as they say or they pick us off one by one. Apparently the word is I gave up my birth/berth right and picked up an old curse as others took my place in the switch, “vengeance is mine” last will and testament on the death bed giving my life to another through guilt and shame, the fight for the crown of life/time keeper/song.

        Before all this i felt i was spiritually about to be reborn and was hijacked in the feast of the tabernacle at the last moment. It was an explosion of light and I got ping pinged about then dumped with everything attached and all loving contracts, marriages and family ties broken. My reality crumbled. (No names) were there laughing when my head popped and I turned inside out “thank you, there’s nothing sweeter than you, you 24 carrot diamond gold mined, E-jipped-ya and you’ve been re-tarred-dead”, funny but not funny.

        Even now after getting knocked off my perch I can still hear all the voices (no names) and others far and wide trapped by this lie (whatever the lie truly is now i don’t know) and rather than being king of my own kingdom like I was, I’m now enslaved as I fell “they” rose and it all went through me, (whorred out) it was a change of currency, cache flow dump. I watched my computer change and the download of negative information, others laying contracts of debt on me and everyone start arguing/debating, sifting through old garbage, old news and my phone was hacked where I had messages threatening to kill family members. I’ve been barred from the inn. I can’t see certain posts any more. There’s too much I could write about what happened to me spiritually.

        Physically since all this I’ve had a fat dirty beast enter my bedroom and rape me, I’ve had three other beasts (no names but I know who they are) in my room while I slept (woke but couldn’t move) sodomise me while filming it online for other beasts to glare at, I get comments made wherever I go like it’s funny which paralyzes me. I remember something enter my heart and fight with my light until it burnt, I even tasted the char from the G.I.F.T exchange I accepted while my mother watched what can only be described as an heart attack “It’s just a change of heart”. Then my 11 year old nephew whom I love dearly and whom stupidly looked up to me came downstairs crying from a nightmare that someone had picked up an Egyptian curse and that they all died. My 8 year old niece told me God doesn’t exist anymore and they now teach a different history and religion in school. So god doesn’t exist but Satan does? “Iet he who is willing to be deceived be deceived”. I heard someone say “leave the kids alone”. Teenagers I know have been committing suicide like never before on the island and I feel the pain tremendously I cry any time I’m alone but I’m scared to be around people because of the danger I feel I bring being marked. My younger sister was sexually assaulted and the guy who did it took photos, admitted it but was sponsored to go on tour with his band and I’m currently being threatened with another beast attacking my sister while I’m away.

        My Genesis has been ransacked and I fell down the DNA ladder, i even saw the end of the double helix as i fell to an alien reality landing in a corrupted body dragging the wee ones with me by accepting the legal name saying we’re all dead, the double cross. I saw my grandfather on my mother’s side, he was angry at me because I’d set fire to his garden in my fall. Once I had used the LEGAL name I heard (no names) cheering saying “six years! Thanks now I can get back to my cartoons”. I remember before my fall hearing familiar loving voices walk away “I’m going to really miss Jason” a female said “That’s the last time I help you” an old gentleman’s voice as i abdicated and lost my halo. I hear someone say “it was always a story of a soldier trying to get back into the army” (crusades) and the law. My whole family is under spiritual attack now and it was me that removed protection but they don’t know it. I saw the rapture and people pass over and there’s not much good spirits anywhere I roam anymore, this battle was already done/won before falling for this. I don’t know how to deal with this fate worse than death. I don’t get one second of peace away from this, night or day, people walking through me. All i had to do was say “ok”. I was in the living (accredited/approved) book before and fell into the old test-a-mind and failed while assuming culpability for everything ever from the guilt of my gullibility. “That’s “the nature of the game”, the “trade” mark and I now see how many signs and people tried to warn and help me but I knew better and just didn’t want to “break any laws”, didn’t need to do any of this as I had returned to inner law without the need for this “testament” for all to see. (no names) said “look, we’ve found a key and a door”.

        As for using a LEGAL name now (or lawfull) I’m currently using one more than I ever did, I’m signed off sick for religious psychosis and a mental breakdown (mentally breaking down the English prescript-shun) after I gave in with no one to talk to about this and went to the doctors in hope i might find help. But it’s a spiritual contract that was laid on me. I’m on all kinds of meds for the pains this body is in. Before I wasn’t signing on , on any medication, actually not using a name in anything on record and was completely all natural and back to nature. My mother (without my knowledge) ordered another birth certificate for me a while back thinking it may ease my mind after destroying the bond made in blood. The one that came is a black photo copied one with the Surname in capital letters, nothing like the original I did actually have.

        Currently I’m in a system/dark web/en-crypt-dead that didn’t exist to me before. I’ve had holograms appear in my room with old pharoah judging me like a fly in a web. I watched my self digitally respawn all to the sound of laughter. And now everyone around me including myself is suffering some kind of disease or illness or has been sexually exploited in some way or is a criminal, an out-law. Chem trails everywhere i go, big hexes, taxes and the bill of legislation, Brexit etc. Neat trick in-deed. I can’t feel my heart beat, play guitar or draw any more and I’m in a permanent state of fear and dishonour. It was a complete 180 role re-verse-all Sir-cull (nunc pro tunc) high jack. Now I just want to rest in peace. I know that all sounds like a big whinge and all about me (turned into a singularity hole cut from the whole) but i was writing my story at the time before becoming a copy Kat, interrogation and mental torture aside it’s all my fault. That’s what happened to me in a nutshell. A real small nutshell. I’m no Angel, (was an Anglo from east Anglia) this whole thing for me was about trying to make amends for the past and i failed finding a whole load of people playing spiritual leap frog. What i found in all of this, is the creation of the first lie and trying to get someone else to own it then calling for a truce. Hope I’m not shitting on your wall, that’s my experience from my point of view. All my love Kristo.
        If you have a moment please check out the song “wall of glass” by Liam Gallagher, pretty sure this whole song like all the others these days are aimed at me and other W’s who fell for the mass-dee-bait-her.

        From seed to star, threw to fallen star.

        It really is illegal to use THE legal name.

        That’s the truth/lie I’m stuck with/in within

      3. That is quite some point of you Drew! I see both questions and answers in what you write. The imagination knows no bounds especially with the aid of external medick8ions. If it is peace you seek then be it, rid yourself of that word spell “fault” replace it with “responsibility for my thoughts that initiate my experience” wipe the slate clean start anew in anything.

      4. I’m not taking any head tablets, they did give them to me and in desperation to get a real nights sleep I tried them but they’re horrible things but I still can’t shut off, I really can’t, there’s a constant battle born inside now in a way I never knew could exist and I don’t get a second peace from it. I’d love to be able to sleep and not have the worst nightmares or images, my thoughts aren’t my own. On the one hand I abdicated my birth place, committed treason (and it’s known so it’s hard to go back to what was normality when I struck myself off the books, no bank account etc) on the other I was tricked into spiritual battle/war and accepted the mark of the beast/death while at it. Compete 180. Plus male (or any) rape really does funny things to ones state of being. I suffer all the ills of someone who’s been to war. It’s like I’ve been sold/soul’d to some weird Jehovah’s witness cult with demons, my thoughts aren’t my own, possession being 9 10ths. I gave up the gift of life,bit the hand that fed me and endangered and broke up my family. All in all I wish I’d stuck to guitar. I endeavour to rid my dead heart and soul of the parasites attached to my aura field and hope some day I can reconnect to mother earth and life and maybe forget these horrible memories that were past over to me, innocence has gone 💗

  3. Self recrimination is a nasty, self destroying habit to become addicted to. I you wish to connect to mother earth simply take your shoes off walk outside and stand on the earth, pay your mind to her, feel her with all your senses, there is only now in reality, why not do it now?

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