Freeman or Sovereign? No, here’s why!

Over time there have been hundreds of thousands of additions to the deception, acts, rules, regulations, bylaws, symbols, signs.
Glossa for example. Can one speak in cap it all letters? can one hear a difference between capital letters and lower case?
Of course not!
Legal joinder to the legal fiction is often tacit through spoken word.
Legal joinder in the written word by assumption, presumption, the written word does provide clues to the nature and intent of the language of legalese, but not the final answer to the soul you shun.
Both the freeman and sovereign paths are born of the desire to take the position of administrator and beneficiary of the legal fiction person, ownership without liability.
The legal rules (maxims) clearly state that, ownership incurs liability and only the creator of a work can be the “legal” owner.
None of us created our own legal name, all legal names are created by a third party interloper who believed that they were a legal authority, a man or woman that had been granted permission by a legal authority to create legal instruments where in fact no living being can have or grant legal authority or be a legal authority simply because all things legal are fiction. something other than flesh, blood and bone physical man/woman.
Fiction can never grant a man anything, a fictional concept that exists only in the imagination of a man/woman cannot physically sign a document, only a man/woman whose mind is possessed with the delusion is likely to think he/she can.
No one can truthfully claim they have legal authority, as it is all fiction, all that the third party interloper that did actually write the legal instrument that the legal fiction person was born of, was an exemption to prosecution agreement according to the fictional rules issued by other men/women who also serve, gave life to, the inanimate/dead fictional construct.
Motu proprio Francis Sept 2013 removed the doubt that the delusion of exemption actually ever existed, pointing out that all are (and always have been) fully liable for acts of legality that have terrorised so many generations of all living beings and nature upon this earth.

The answer – recognise “legal” fiction for what it is – fiction.


Mankinds’ free will choice to live a life according to “legal” fiction, what has it profited him but all suffering, misery and destruction upon this earth.
Choose not to participate in a life of delusional fiction with your mind, body and soul, live according only to what is truly real.
Research legal name fraud.