Your Legal Ownership is Fantasy. You Have Been Tricked!

You can never own anything legally because no living being has express written permission from a legal authority to either use a legal name or engage in legal processes.
Title merely means tenant.
Imagine that! Only the status of tenant in a land generations of your forefathers were born to!
The truth is, only fictional legal entities known as “legal persons” or “legal names” that are created by and owned by the legal religious cult can “legally” “own” things, upon the rationale that the creator, aka God, made the creation of all things possible.
Wherein all credit goes to God the creator and all things are gifted to the living beings upon the earth.
However it is by legal offer, contract and sin/sign that man may foolishly and fraudulently pledge himself/herself, his/her soul and all his/her lands and belongings to “man who wishes to have godlike power over the lives of all others“.
When man/woman abandons the laws of the God of life and follows/obeys/believes in the laws of man, laws of fiction, colour of law, maritime, merchant,  admiralty, equity, etc, law, laws of the satanic, laws of death and  dead things.
Participation in anything connected with legal processes is in fact illegal where one is required to have express written permission from a “legal” authority in order to do anything “legal”, hence, you fraudulently pretend to be, act as a fictional dead entity that was created by and is owned by members of the legal cult.
You are breaking both the laws of man and God the creator.
So you want to live and have land to live upon freely?
Then it is high time you abandon all legal things, those fictional laws of man, send all legal things belonging to the holy see/papacy/paper sea/pirate sea back to hell where they came from, burn it all.
You are not a legal name, you have no business playing legal games!

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