Are Your Children Property? Are You Or Your Children Legal Names?

Of course children are not property, children are not legal names, legal names are the creation and property of the legal religious cult, disguised as ‘the state”.
When one uses a name most do not give it a thought and do not make a sinister mental connection with a name and legality much to their peril.
When agents of the state come calling or stop you in your travels, or call you, or you call or go to speak with them, their assumption is that the name you or your child use is a legal name.
Using a name that has been registered with the state the user is assumed to be in contractual agreement with the state to subject themselves, mind,body and soul to the rules set out by the statist legal religious cult. Rules, regulations, acts and statutes of commercial code.
Using a name that is registered amounts to giving oneself, or ones’ child, to the state as a form of property.
In order to do anything legal one must have express written permission from a legal authority to either use that legal “thing” or engage in a legal process, no one was ever issued express written permission to use the legal name in concert with the issuance of a birth certificate.
No one was issued with express written permission to engage in legal processes at any time, hence when they use a legal name or engage in any legal process they are in fact breaking the law, acting in fraud, by using, or claiming they are, a legal name and engaging in legal processes.
So, good people, if you do not want yourself or your children to be treated as property you must stop using a state/crown registered name (the mark of the beast that indelible name in your forehead/consciousness that you sin-sign with your write hand).
Make the clear distinction in your mind that you are not a legal name you are not a paper entry in the book of death authored and copyrighted by the legal religious cult and let all others that come seeking that legal name know that you do not have permission to use a legal name.
Let all know that you will gladly “give” them that legal name that does not belong to you as soon as you receive express written permission from a legal authority to use the name and to engage in legal processes, until such time as they are able to provide you with that express written permission you cannot help them and you will not break the law, nor be aided and abetted in to committing fraud.
It is illegal to use a legal name!
All the best to you and your families in the coming times, time is short the world is on fire you had better get busy, he will come as a thief in the night to claim those that are his.

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