The Biggest Mistake You Ever Made In Your Life & The Lives Of Your Children.

The biggest mistake you ever made in your life is,
assuming you have permission to use a legal name!
The second biggest mistake of equal importance is,
assuming you have permission to engage in legal processes.
It is illegal to use a legal name and to engage in legal process without express written permission.
To do anything legal, one must first break the law in order to do legal things because sure as the hell the lawmakers that created and own a copyright legal version of your name, the “legal person” can never issue you with express written permission from any legal authority to use or become a legal name nor can they issue express written permission to engage in legal process as it is fiction not fact.
You are not a legal name and in truth can never be one.
Pause for a moment now to relate this to real life, these things being true, think about the contracts our ancestors signed and all of the generations that followed, are they valid contracts? Hell no! They had been party to the fraud as you are today!
Native Land Courts over the entire earth are a “kid gloves” subsidiary arm of the same beast.
I say kid gloves because actions against Native peoples make the fraud and who the culprits are simply more obvious.
The perpetrators of the crime must maintain a credible degree of doubt in the minds of their target subjects by demonstrating a very carefully measured amount of favour/bribe toward those that were living on the dirt before them, the influential among us dirt dwellers have be bought for a few more shiny things in their own pockets, a few more zeros in a fake money accounts in order to have them perpetuate the lie and convince others they have influence over to continue to deny their true selves by fraudulently playing the part of the cult owned legal person, thereby placing themselves in continual dishonour in and under the jurisdiction of, every court in every land before they even set foot in one.
Once jurisdiction is established in the minds of a few generations by way of their own assumptions that they are a “name”, it is assumed in cult courts it is by way of ones’ own free will consent one breaks the law, evident by willingness to participate fraudulently representing not their true selves but the legal fiction person that is owned by the legal religious cult, aka The Crown/State, spiritual law is then successfully undermined/defeated and replaced with the worship of the laws of the legal religious cult.
If you know anything of the history of indigenous life throughout the entire world you will not disagree that more and more of the resources that support life have been taken/stolen/owned/destroyed by legal means, according to the word of the legal cults’ Lord, written in statutory codes of commerce.
So my friends, now that you have read this you have a couple of choices available to you, all the very best to you in the coming test being brought upon humanity by way of its’ own stupIDity, choose wisely which Lord you serve, this time it is permanent as these matters do take your spirit/soul in contract as does the earthly contract that takes the body.
ID, certificates, registration, licenses, anything legal flies like a burning brick in heaven so I hear.
All the beast, or all the best, your choice.

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