ANZAC Day, Celebration of Death and Destruction, they got what the signed up for, liars and murderers like their father before them.

I used to have some respect for the poor buggers that died or survived ww2, not any more, murderers every last one of them, they got what they signed up for and for who and what is the extremely relevant question, which very few do much of anything to inquire of.
Do any of you know truly who and what?
Do you have suspicions but for various reasons like pc do not want to go down that path to find the whole truth and nothing but the truth as it is not a comfortable one? Or perhaps you live in the hope that history does not repeat itself?
Do you still believe in the chance that men and women can be counted on to do what is right by all living beings and the planet?
Do you still believe that lawmakers can come up with an equitable morally based solution for everyone on the planet and to the cessation of destruction of this world?
Simply because you count yourself as a man or woman of good conscience and moral standing does not mean that you are not party to all of the worst things that are happening on this planet.
Whose hands are your life and the lives of those you love in? Yours or someone elses? Can you trust those that have your lives in their hands implicitly?
You will find your lives are in the hands of lawmakers that you most likely do not know, never heard of before, have never met nor are likely to meet to discuss these things with, let alone withdraw your consent to where you don’t agree with their laws and their decisions.
With the prospect of ww3 looming it just might be the diligent thing to question and really research everything, which in all honesty, the greatest part, you have basically only come to believe by way of assumption.
Take your power to be an effective working party in these life threatening processes in to your own hands, more correctly, not to be party to it, I beseech you to research legal name fraud properly before it is too late for you and yours and millions of others that you will be complicit in murdering by way of legal trickery and your unwitting and assumed consent to it.
How could you be unwittingly been empowering others to murder for you? Find out, research legal name fraud.
Praying or meditating won’t change the reality of what is about to come knocking at your door when you still think you are a legal name or let others assume you are.
I urge you to prepare, man/woman know thyself.
Research legal name fraud.

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