Muffins? Famine? War? What MEN will U Buy In To?

Lisa wrote –
If I post that I made an awesome batch of muffins, I’d get heaps of buy in.
If I post that there is a famine in Sudan then the page goes quiet.

Is that because people can’t relate to people starving to death (because of war and climate issues etc)?

We are all one people who live in an integrated living system, and we all share a consciousness – like we are each one drop in the ocean of consciousness – and so if people are starving how does it relate to us?

Perhaps in our neck of the woods we can oppose war – stop supporting overseas quarrels; insist government addresses climate change; and personally we can give to charity.

But for heavens sake- we can’t do nothing

I really like your heart and good conscience inspired post Lisa. You are not alone in that experience! be sure not to hold your breath waiting for “government” to respond positively!

The more stark naked the truth becomes that one posts of the truth of reality in how humanity and its psyche is manifesting destruction of this world, the effect on people becomes far more noticeable, cognitive dissonance kicks in, the political and legally minded attack and disparage, find excuses, new ageyness carries many off to la la land, others withdraw resigned to, and mentally and physically humiliated by, the seemingly overwhelming grip that man made evil has on this planet not being aware that the solution for them really does lay within each and every one of them. What affects one affects all.

Since Lisa mentioned “heavens’ sake” let’s delve a little in to that idea as well.
I speak not of the ugly impossible way that maindream religions say spiritual writings must be interpreted and acted upon, nor the new age cultivate the ego imagination stuff, we’ve had enough of that crap, 2000 odd years as is rumoured and the world and humanity has come to what we are now fed up witnesses to, enough proof to doubt that those interpretations and all the others are the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Maybe, just maybe, some didn’t interpret it and teach it correctly?
If your powers of deductive reasoning in observance of human behaviour and the everyday interactions of mankind have not brought you to a successful conclusion about what you must do, there are bonus texts written for and by the most politically powerful and economically influential religious cult in the world, in the form of the bible.

Wait! Before you go “Oh Jesus Christ, for gods sake or fuck here we go religious nutter!” …. were you aware that the bible is the basis for all of the current statutory laws of man? The Pope is the head of the judiciary?

If one cares to take the time to research for re-interpretation of the bible outside of what one already has come to think about it, with persistence one will find the solution to the entire mess.

To be the impartial observer one must disavow what one thinks one knows and start with a clean slate, build from there, question every assumption.

By questioning everything one will eventually establish a comprehension that the bible contains the truth where liars had it written with the intent of deliberately concealing the truth in such a manner that due to the workings of the human psyche, human conditioning, most would be misled by way of that conditioning and their own ignorance of language.

It was written knowing people would either accept, fear and obey and not likely find the truth or reject it partially or entirely and not likely find the truth.

Those with intent to deceive must have had some laughs concocting that one, laughing all the way to the bank M/E-thinks!
Thus the greatest fraud in history was hatched and only you can defeat it in your life, you can’t defeat it for others outside of your own care, they must also defeat it themselves, it’s an singular birth certificate related legal thing.
Those who choose not do further unbiased research including legal name fraud, I have no doubt, will remain defeated in themselves, it is all connected.

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