So You Think Perhaps The Jews Are To Blame?

Zionist, Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, etc, every religion, every country, every Government, same thing with a different coat of paint! Different in paper/pay-per name/na-me only.
The biblical reference to Jew is a metaphor meaning you, ewe, Je – i = you, we are all the Jews, you’s, ewes, lambs of God or Jew of EL sheeple of statute, mentally living in a legal State like Israel?
The difference is in the mind of man/woman, which laws he/she chooses to follow/obey/worship, those of the path/law of truth of the God of life or those of the path of law of man/fiction/lies. (“I am the way the truth and the life” says the God of life).
Want to change the world? Research legal name fraud, get yourself into a “right” “State” of mind, get out of the mental “State” city/sight-ye of Babylon.
israel legal theft legal maurder.jpg

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