The Truth About The Cestui Qui Vie Trusts Of 1666.

To be clear, the trusts do not belong to “the people” they belong to the legal religious cult.
The trusts are “discretionary”which means the beneficiary need never be informed of their status as beneficiary by either the administrators or trustees of the accounts.
The administrators and trustees can milk the accounts indefinitely to only their advantage, whilst you can only ever remain surety, the one that pays the bills for, and chained by debt in servitude to, the account, the fictional “person”.

The trusts are part of the psychological deception, designed to appeal to the lower nature of mankind, a sure way to appeal to greed and sloth, in particular of indigenous minds, to gather them under the jurisdiction of the cult when the concept of delivery would likely fail where Christianity was not a familiar or acceptable belief system to them.

An idea that led men to believe they would be provided for financially by the sophisticated language of the liars and their laws if one agreed to make their mark on a legal document and embrace the money system in the open ended tacit  contract that hinted along the lines of sharing wealth, ownership/guardianship of land and natural resources.
Little did anyone know that mark they made signified the transfer of their body and soul from free living being to property of the legal religious cult.

The legal trusts that were set up could have easily provided a very respectable lifestyle for every living being on this planet, had the intent been followed, unfortunately due to the inherent weakness, and psychosis susceptibility, of the ego mind and its’ propensity to embrace and participate wilfully in the seven deadly sins, all of which can be excused “legally”, humanity has witnessed and become subject to the lust filled whims of the basest of men and women.

Once again, to be absolutely clear, absolutely nothing legal belongs to anyone, no trust, no money, no land! All “legal” things belong to the legal religious cult, the fictional legal entity commonly known as the Crown, or government, no matter what fictional idea of a country you think you may be a part of. Best of all (for the cult not you) you, of your own unwitting consent by using a “legal” name, which is also the property of the “legal” cult, become “legal” property of the cult!

Research legal name fraud if you dare to find out the truth for yourself.

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