One Small Voice. You Verses Legal.

Monarchic constitution provided a small measure of escape from financial oppression for the common man through common law, corporate constitution will close that door forever.

Whether it be Queen in right of .com or both are based in the Babylonian whore speak legal cult laws of commerce where you are bought and sold by the legal cult as an assurance commodity into slavery as you grow up claiming to be a citizen of some fictitious country, defending what you think is your name when in fact it is not.

Research legal name fraud. It is in essence illegal to use a legal name and illegal to engage in legal processes because you do not have permission from a legal authority to do either.
Put an end to your fraud and theirs.

The question is do you have the guts, the moral fortitude, to finally stand up in truth? That one small voice singing true facing the criminal justice system alone laying all things legal to rest for yourself forever?


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