Truth or Diere?

For every dollar that you make at least half of it goes to the parasites.
All that made possible by you because of your willing consent to obey legal fraud, cult law, if you do “legal” you have no right to complain, STFU, grimace and bear it, yes you are being shafted! Legally!
It has always been your choice and always will be to associate or not associate, to be a slave to the legal cult or not.
If you truly want to see change, stop doing “legal”. God knows most of us try to live honestly, why isn’t it working?
Change by trusting that in Truth/God there are more equitable honest ways of living without the parasites, without the economic conspiracy, without the murder and destruction.
Stop thinking in terms of what you have become used to, that serves to prevent you from seeing any other way because there is no other way as long as you keep thinking “this is the way it is” or how can we “adjust” it to fix it, it is not fixable, Your mind, logic, rationale, actions, still remain structured according to the old prevailing paradigm until you stop thinking it terms of it.
These things are of psychological design, thought makes things happen. The root of these “system” thoughts are such that the individual choices of men and women is the choice between good or evil, right or wrong, good for the many or good for the few, specifically taking advantage of the psychological weaknesses of character inherent in the mental mechanics of the minds  and hearts of man/woman.
Fear, lusts of the flesh, greed, laziness, deception all the seven dead-lie sins, where the smallest common factor is but a conscious choice between living according to truth or lies.
Research Legal Name Fraud, you won’t be disappointed that you did it is all connected, but you will continue to be disappointed in life if you outright reject it or scare yourself in to stopping your search for Truth.
Kia Kaha, be strong, don’t give up on your quest for Truth, ever!

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