In order for there to be World Peace, There is a price to pay, a sacrifice to be made.

World peace has come at a hefty price many a time in the past. Historically the price has been millions of lives of people that never wanted war in the first place, rarely at the cost of any of the lives of those that promote killing and destruction, those that give orders to others to make sure it happens.
Are you truly committed to seeing world peace made manifest? Or are you simply a politically correct actor type carrying a sign on a stick, speaking self righteous well worn scripts most are already familiar with and  have no substantial idea on how to actually achieve it?
Do you seriously deduce there is some chance in hell that a million or even ten million carrying signs saying no more war will be a concern for those that have always profited by these wars?

What sacrifice are you prepared to make to stop it? Are you prepared to give? All your worldly possessions? Your creature comforts? Your ego? In exchange for world peace?
You will most likely lose them all anyway should the new world war, already underway, require more resources, blood sacrifice and bodies.
I am just wondering how serious you are, let’s have a head count here and now, post a yes or no reply to the above if you are prepared to give up the aforementioned.

Contrary to popular belief, it does take only one to change the world and the ball is already rolling, time for you to catch up or be left behind.
If you are one that has made the appropriate sacrifice you will know what I am talking about, if not and you are serious about making a difference in this world of deception then it is high time that you get on the straight and narrow and make a determined effort to navigate the path to truth before it is too late for you.
The lies may not be of your making but I assure you you are complicit and contributing to the cult “legal” continuation of death and destruction upon and of this planet.

Find out how to safely disassociate from the legal cult, research legal name fraud, and by research I mean don’t just form an opinion based upon your dissonance inhibited by your current conclusions about these laws you think you have to obey that are put upon you by the legal cult, put the findings of “legal name fraud” to the test yourself!

All the best to you!

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