How can “they”(Government) take my “things” without my consent?

The method in which your “things” can be stolen is “legal”, it is fraud and you and a multitude of others are complicit in that fraud and consequently the theft of your own belongings, by claiming to be/own a legal name and engaging in legal process without permission from a “legal” authority, becomes “legally” legitimate.
Creators of legal “things” are the owners of “legal things” In order to keep your belongings you must not claim to be the legal name that appears on a birth certificate, that “legal” document created by legal process witnessed and signed off by members of the bar association (worldwide) aka government, aka the Crown corporation worldwide, nor engage in any legal process without express written permission.
when you stop doing those things your assumed association with the fictional “legal” authority ceases to be, since you choose not to do legal things, legal things cannot do you!
Two worlds in one where only you can draw the line between yourself and that world of fiction/lies. Research legal name fraud.

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