Those of you who think John Key, or any politician in the world is a traitor, here is your correction!

John Key serves the commercial interests of the Crown Corporate religious legal cult, he is not a traitor to New Zealand as that is the name of the corporate legal body operating fraudulently in this land we, the living, share. (There is an arm of the corporate body (corpse) in every other named fictional border on this planet) Blood money and child trafficking have always been commercial interests of the Crown religious legal cult of liars, murderers and thieves. Your blood and the blood of your Fathers, Mothers, Sons, and Daughters, pays for the cults’ purposes, seldom their own blood. Legal name fraud, a deception, is the method by which the cult steals the lives of living beings and land on all earth.
Agents of the Crown are however, traitors to truth and life itself wherever they fail to serve living beings!
Stop participating in anything legal, you are breaking Crown cult law, you neither have express written permission to use any legal name nor engage in any legal process, to claim that you are a legal name, intellectual property created by Crown agents, owned by the Crown, subject to Crown corporate rules, is theft fraud and impersonation.
When we acknowledge “legal” by participating in it, we are breaking both mans’ and God/Creations’ laws, participation serves only to encourage and perpetuate suffering to the extreme detriment of the living beings we cherish,
I hope some day very soon you all come to your senses and stop encouraging, thereby empowering the legal cult before it is too late for you and all those you love.
Don’t worry, if you do it right you won’t lose anything you will gain all that you have and more, worry a lot if you won’t do it at all!
Research legal name fraud, decide for yourself what the truth is.

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