Legal Madness, it isn’t the mozzies that cause it! Are you zika the law makers yet?


The lawmakers outdoing themselves yet again, the level of insanity yet again astounding, yet I am no longer surprised. You think it can’t happen here? think again, wherever there is a lawmaker it can and will happen, there is where consciousness needs a huge amount of adjustment. do you perhaps think that maybe it is time to reel these lawmakers in? by boycotting their entire fictional construct? I am sure that most of you know the difference between right and wrong and are pretty much self regulating according to good conscience, the problem that you present to humanity is that you contribute to their insanity becoming reality simply by claiming to be a legal entity. A complete denial of your own spiritual being, your god has become a bunch of thieving, lying, murdering law makers. I wish you would all stop worshiping and obeying them and their laws! #birthcertificatefraud #legalnamefraud 

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