Some people think they own the world!


When the money lenders make the laws, guess who the laws are going to favour. They are even cooking the books now world debt stood at $278 trillion just a month or two ago now the “official” looking figure is under $60T (world debt clock) this is money created from absolutely nothing of true value with compounding interest added to it.
Debt that can never be paid back, owed, in its conclusion, to Rothschilds.

Economics is not science it is fraud masquerading as mathematics, as is the legal system also fraud, that legitimises theft and murder by way of indoctrination, deception, coercion, threat, punishment and physical force.
Rule by the psychopathic, the type of minds that think “if I can’t have her then no one will”.
Things are getting pretty hot in hell on earth as you might have noticed, now is the time to make your choice, serve the lies or serve the truth, change won’t happen in your world unless you stop serving the liars yourself, you are playing party to the lies, by subjecting yourself to the legal system and having your life dictated to dependent on money, that also makes you a liar and a thief and a murderer and a child stealing slave trafficker.

People have no business in legal matters, they have no permission to engage in legal processes nor permission to use legal names which are the instrument by which all legal transfer of authority to the lawmakers over human bodies is created.
Legal things are not ours we must stop using them for any kind of new life supporting paradigm to gain momentum.
The logical progression of continuing to adhere to the dominant beliefs that have ruled life on this planet concludes in total destruction.

The time to act is now, make no claim to anything “legal” life is worth more than money or worldly goods. Stop putting monetary and legal value on life.

Google legal name fraud.


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