David Icke has no truly viable solution.

David Icke makes a living off his version of truth as he sees the world, a version with one thing lacking, a truly viable solution, a never tried before alternative to the suggestion that violent overthrow of dictatorships is the only action “good” men and women can take to right the wrongs of the psycho dictators in charge. David appears to maintain an income in promoting himself along with the information he skilfully applies to his audiences for a price. As far as I know truth is free, it costs me nothing to tell another the truth, it is lies that cost us all dearly throughout life.

David talks about the concept of “normal” when describing how “the system” manipulates the thinking processes of those it seeks to control but he fails to reveal that the single most important truth is that the entirety of this system of legal lies is dependent on the fictional concept of legality being accepted as “normal”.
It is these laws of commercial that are the destroyers of freedom, true individual sovereignty and the justifier of lust for profit that the earth and the greater number of its’ inhabitants is pillaged, disenfranchised and put to waste for.

The entire concept is based in fraud and can be proven with many examples hidden within those laws themselves and many other publications, even in the language of those laws the deception becomes obvious to those who take the time to study it.

The truth about these laws of man In short-
No man or woman or child has been granted express written permission to engage in any legal process.

Unless you have your claim in writing in the cult courts of commerce you do not have “legal” claim to anything.

The name that appears on a birth certificate is a legal name not a biological name.

Express written permission to use that name is not written upon, nor does it accompany the birth certificate.

Since there are copyright conditions on all birth certificates one cannot assume anything about what those conditions may be, without those conditions being expressed in writing , signed and sealed by a “legal” authority i.e Crown cult licensed lawyers, there is no proof positive.
Of course the “Crown” itself cannot sign anything as it is an inanimate fictional object, in reality only existing in the minds of men and women.

No one on the planet has been issued with the assurance of express written permission that gives them permission to use that Crown created intellectual property.

Even to simply err on the side of caution one must assume that it is illegal to engage in legal processes and illegal to use copyright intellectual property, a legal name, belonging to the legal cult “The Crown” without express written permission.
It would be remiss not to seek express written permission from a “legal” authority rather than assume one can operate in commerce or in their courts of law without express written permission.

I find it difficult to imagine that a man as seemingly well informed and well written as David Icke is portrayed to be does not know about these facts or has not discovered them himself.

David Icke either has yet to discover these truths and really needs to catch up or he is milking the crowd of followers which would make him a “false prophet” for the sake of profit, only he knows that for sure.

If you desire a truly viable solution stop participating in the world of legal things, stop claiming the legal name that appears on a birth certificate and stop engaging in legal processes without permission. Write or call someone in a position of legal authority requesting permission, it will never be granted.
You will soon come to the conclusion that in order to do something about it you must actually do nothing, nothing legal that is!

live according to laws of creation recognise yourself.png


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