The Search for Truth in Life.

plethora of lies opinion and perspective lie.jpg

The maker of this meme is confused, as was Marcus Aurelius if the quote was verifiable which it is not at this point in time, it suggests that truth does not exist/can never be found, that everything is an opinion based on perspective thereby validating only opinion and perspective and not truth.
The truth in the sketch is that two perspectives exist both being true.
Don’t be fooled by anything that suggests the truth about anything and everything does not exist or that you can be wrong about truth when you have proved it for yourself by weighing up the available perspectives and put it through working experience.
Truth is immutable, it is the lies that are the chameleons.
Rest assured if you don’t feel you know the whole truth, you absolutely do not know the truth and your search must continue.
If truth is what you seek, you will know the truth when you feel it, using it in your life further proves it, but only to self, then you will truly see how vast the number of people that only hold opinions as their version of truth is and you will also see where their perspective has them trapped and you will see the lies that keep them there.
When living for the truth becomes your path, life becomes far less complicated by the contrivances of humankind in its’ confusion due to the plethora of lies it has created and lives by.
All the best to you in your search, let feeling and reason be your guides, discard nor favour either, when reason and feeling prove a match you are headed in the right direction.
Truth frees and truth is free, it is the lies that are going to cost you all of your life.

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