Vandana Shiva tells us that Corporations are fictions.

Vandana Shiva.jpg

Vandana falls short of telling us that the key to corporate law ruling this world is in the individuals’ belief in “legal” and the method in which they are party to it unwittingly by way of breach of copyright using a name that appears on a birth certificate.
Are you a biological entity in this world or a legal fiction entity?
The Crown cult have had humanity fooled in to playing the part of their fictional entities, people have just not been themselves, playing in a world of legal in which they never got express written permission to do so from the authors/creators/Gods of the intellectual property.
The moment you stop using their intellectual property by making no claim to it is the moment when their authority in your “real” world stops. In the world of commercial law you own nothing. By way of fraudulent assumed contract “legal” ownership is transferred to the Crown corporation legal cult.

A claim to ownership is a claim to liability, remember that and consider the implications.
For more information simply google legal name fraud and follow your God given instincts and reason.
Wishing you all the best!

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