Money Monsters of Commerce in Biblical Proportion

Most often public actions are ruled by the emotive conclusion where the head is missing an important factor that would enable it to see the monsters of commerce defeated.
The world of commerce springs to power through legality. A “legal” reality is the chosen path of todays’ societies world wide where worshipers of money make the laws and public opinion is most often ignored by way of adherence to legal right to observance of laws of those laws of commerce.
The sensibilities of man have been captured and replaced by laws of fiction leaving all unable to see life outside of the legal box despite the inherent heart felt knowledge that it is wrong to associate with thieves and murderers.
A man cannot be forced to be part of an association against his will but yet he cannot somehow awaken to the realm he has taken himself in to, how exactly it is “normal” to assume lawmakers have his willing consent to be subject to the dictates of the BAR association, who are in effect the creator owner operators of these laws, in effect these men of the BAR association declare themselves as your masters based on the tenets of the biblical 10 commandments.
By way of one single concept of mind you unwittingly accept fiction as being your belief breaking all 10 commandments thereby declaring yourself as property of the Biblical entity Satan.
I point out to you that the Pope just happens to be the head of the judiciary, what significance might this hold where a theologian, a man who deals in matters of spiritual concepts is the ruler of the lawmakers?
The Bible they profess to adhere to quite clearly points out that it is against Gods’ laws to follow/worship the laws of man.
Since one cannot serve two masters and the Vatican and its Popes are clearly up to their eyeballs, over their heads drowning in the sea of laws of man, is it not clear which master they and the laws they adjudicate serve?
!he one “key” concept that is unique to every individual yet all have in common is a name that appears on a birth certificate, the theological/spiritual connection to these laws of fiction.
The birth certificate is copyright intellectual property owned by the Crown, a subject of judicial process.
A man using that property without express written consent is, among other crimes, stealing that property.
You may now be starting to see the implications of these matters, I encourage you to search further for your own sake and the sake of humanity as a whole, please take the time to google legal name fraud and the works of kate of gaia for your own clearer understanding.
All the best to you in the coming world war conflict where TPPA will prove to be just another false flag to divert your attention from a much greater threat to humanity, war, all made possible by way of your obedience to these laws of man.

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