A Legal State Of Mind

Israel is the only openly declared “legal” state in the world, there are three other most important hidden “legal” States, it is these three that create all other fictional states, the City of London State, the Vatican State and Washington Dc State, the three States that hold the world to ransom by way of instruments of fictional law. What is a “State” if not a “State” of mind, an idea, a “belief”, a fictional construct. The City of London state it the “legal” arm of the trinity wherein it is administered by the BAR association. Washington DC State is the enforcement arm of this unholy trinity. Vatican City State is the “head” of the judiciary pertaining to matters of laws of spirit, who better placed to spread doctrine according to God than the theologians of this ungodly trinity who declare that the concepts of the laws of man are God, thus making it quite clear that the men of these associations do not acknowledge the true creator of all things and instead work by way of fraud to surreptitiously instill in the minds of others a belief that the laws of man are the laws of God. The man that accepts these laws as the laws of his god is accepting his own death and the death of all others in this world by whatever means those laws provide, his acceptance assumed by merely using a “legal” name that is owned by way of copyright by that triple Crown, the mark of “their” beast.


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