Virtues of the BAR Association – pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth

The power these psychopaths wield is all due to rule of law, rule of law is simply a stack of fictitious abstract ideas, acts, rules, regulations, statutes, to inhibit and control the freedoms and steal the energies of living men and women, The BAR association are the masters of these laws and it is administered under the name of the Crown. That legal system is a complete fraud managed by way of abstract contract, relying on ignorance and assumption to confuse, entrap and defraud.
The singular key concept being that of copyright upon all names that are registered with the Crown, the most important of those being the registered “legal” names that appear on birth certificates. Without those “legal” names the entire system of Crown law cannot function. It is in fact illegal to use a “legal” name because they are all subject to Crown copyright and no living being has express permission from the Crown or BAR association to own or use them. Up until September 2013 BAR association members had been granted exemption to use Crown owned copyright legal names in service of the Crown and BAR association, that privilege no longer applies since the head of the judiciary, Pope Francis, issued Motu proprio “ON THE JURISDICTION OF JUDICIAL AUTHORITIES OF VATICAN CITY STATE IN CRIMINAL MATTERS”
“In our times, the common good is increasingly threatened by transnational organized crime, the improper use of the markets and of the economy, as well as by terrorism.”
Wherein “markets and economy” is a reference to stocks and bonds held in trust by the Crown, created by agents of the crown in the names of every birth certificate ever registered with the Crown.
Wherein “Terrorism” refers to the method in which the BAR association gain  “force of law” by using others who are ignorant of the true machinations of the fraud as mercenaries in the employ of the Crown that do not have express permission to use Crown owned copyright names to commit crimes of terror upon individuals in order to enforce acts, rules, regulations and statutes of Crown administrative/commercial/fictional law with the intent to extort money or property from living beings.
In short breaking both the laws of man and God, persuading others to follow/aid and abet, subject themselves to, unwittingly break the laws of man and God, in order to murder, rape, kidnap and extort “legally” using the name in and of fictional law.
I will keep this post short as details are where the devil lurks and works against us, where the intellect most often is merely distracted by a miriad of lies dilly dally delay, debate being a poor substitute for truth.
It is a legal fact that it is illegal to use a copyright legal name owned by another entity or living being without express permission to do so, end of story, end of tyranny, get out of fiction, get real, your time is short.

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