Living Man Must Not Participate In Crown Law

Living man must not participate in Crown Law, doing so is breaking the laws of man and God.

BAR members have been the only people that could engage in any manner of Crown law possessing express permission to use legal names without fear of prosecution for aiding and abetting others in committing copyright fraud.
The imaginary concept was exposed in 2013 by Pope Francis issuing Motu Proprio concerning criminal activity within judiciary, up until that date it had not been viewed as criminal, the blind eye had been turned.
Anyone involved soliciting anything legal now, with or without a BAR card, is committing a crime, it is against the laws of both man and God to be involved in these Crown laws of fiction.
It is illegal to use a legal name – copyright fraud.
It is illegal to ask for, demand from, inquire of, elicit a legal name from a living being – aiding and abetting another in to the commission of copyright fraud.
It is illegal to solicit legal matters without a BAR card license or express permission to use a legal name.
It is illegal to act as, act for, on behalf of, a legal entity, without the express permission of the owner/creator of said entity, the Crown, to act is pretense – impersonation.
Get real! be true to yourself!

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