The Freeman Sovereign Approach to Legal Name Fraud

Herick, Douglas, Joseph is offering an enticement as does the “freeman” “sovereign”.
The  fraud has been recognised and the associated damage that those that run “the system” for their own gain have caused, in order for humanity as a whole to benefit the assumption/presumption must shift from being a legal fiction in the minds of those running the system to recognising it has nothing to do with living beings, agents of the Crown are not about to do that any time soon of their own recognisance as they have been restricted by the rules to have no recognisance when they are serving the Crown.
Herick, Douglas, Joseph misses the point that ALL legal names are subject to Crown copyright and all things registered with the Crown become gifts to the Crown subject to Crown rules of commerce “entities””things” for the Crown and its’ agents to rule over.
He also misses the point that a name offered to the Crown by the “parent” document is a contract that has nothing to do with the physical child, the child claiming a name can only ever appear as a third party interloper upon that name, re-registering a name in duplicate is not possible so any duplicate would be provided with a different numb-er and would also become Crown owned copyright intellectual property subject to Crown rule it can never be property of a living human being and will always incur debt and never work for or be controlled by the living being who submitted it to the Crown, effectively still only ever making the original author, the living being, responsible for the debts that can and will be applied to all legal fictions should they attempt to reclaim it.
If you submit anything to the registries of the Crown you are effectively working for the Crown, acting as an agent for the Crown.
What Herick, Douglas, Joseph is saying is that you can defend a Crown owned legal fiction in a Crown Court of commercial law, which is true, the question is why would you want to act as a trustee for the Crown for only the benefit of the Crown and the bankers, who together, create all debt (with your unwitting help) and own the money that changes hands in all transactions in commerce?
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that flesh and blood standing in front of you is not a piece of paper but living proof of themselves, Herick, Douglas, Josephs’ circular logic points back to maintaining the “system” not defeating it nor even turning it to benefit every living being on the planet instead of the few.
Let us not forget that the “Crown” is a “legal” trust and whilst we focus on fighting the Crown we may be distracted from recognising the major human beneficiaries/owners of that trust, physically the creators of money to whom all fictitious debt is owed, keepers of meticulous records of which every fraudulent transaction could be reversed.
Lastly but by no means least, let us not forget that the ultimate beneficiary and destroyer is evil itself that dwells in the minds of man and woman, the artificial intelligence, ego, id, by which the humanoid being is controlled, that is the motherfucker we all must not serve and be slave to but must become the master of.
Herick, Douglas, Joseph still uses property that he has gifted to the Crown by registration it is no longer his intellectual property, to use it would without express permission from the Crown would constitute theft and fraud, he does not have express permission to use any legal name.
It is illegal to use a legal name


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