Remove All Crown “legal” Jurisdiction, Never Set foot In a Crown Court again.

To Remove all “legal” jurisdiction of all fictional authorities simply stop using a legal name that is owned by the Crown.
Stop playing in Crown courts there is no remedy for the living in those places, they serve only the Crown and its’ parasitical minions, you are    effectively giving your life energies to dead fictional con-structs, you are being conned.
Using a Crown copyrighted name that appears on any birth certificate without express permission from the Crown is fraud, you will pay and keep on paying as long as you break that law.
All ID is false it cannot truly define the sentient, ID serves one purpose – control over the holder/claimant.
Are you aware of how easy it is to purchase any birth certificate other than the one you think is yours and obtain valid Crown ID with the aid of that birth certificate?
Does that not strike you as rather a large security breach in what you think is uniquely your property?
Do you have original copyright on what you have been taught is your name? No but the Crown does!
Do you have express written permission to autonomously use a name that appears on a birth certificate? NO!
Every ID is fake, constructive figments of imagination, especially Crown IDs, only you can truly identify who you are, theirs are also “not real” they are simply ideas written on paper, copyright intellectual property created by agents of the Crown, figments of the imaginings of those that obsessed in the fictional laws of man, the underlying delusional suggestion is that they are capable of creating a real human body and its’ consciousness when all they are capable of creating is an inanimate “body of works” a written record  in a book.
You discarded your true self and gave up control of your consciousness when you claimed an ID from the Crown, claiming an identity from the Crown, your body and mind become as paper property of the Crown, “owned” by way of your own actions and unwitting ignorant consent to laws of “man”, wherein “ignorance of the law does not constitute an acceptable defense”.
All Crown paper property is subject to Crown copyright and jurisdiction, Using a “legal” name dictates that you are a consenting servant to those of diminished morality, those who revel in and profit through death and misery , stop pretending to be a paper person! The benefit is real life as opposed to slavery and death.

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