Jurisdiction of Crown Administrative Law -How Humanity Has Been Duped

Jurisdiction of Crown Administrative Law.
How humanity has been duped.

The Crown/State can only lay legal claim to ownership and jurisdiction over what it has created.

The Crown/State can only create and own copyrighted intellectual property which is sigils on paper, it cannot lay claim to creating living beings, that claim could only ever be true of creation/God itself.

The Crown/State owns and has jurisdiction over every name on every birth certificate in every registry around the world by way of copyright.

Every name in every registry is subject to copyright by way of being part of the body of the works of Crown/State copyright books known as “registry”.

No living human being has express autonomous permission to use a legal name that is on a birth certificate, not even bar card holders have exemption, Motu proprio 2013.

Therein lays the trap that allows men/women of ill intent to abuse mankind by way of fictional administive ruling to steal life, wealth, and enslave humanity by way of soul/sole contract, subjecting men and women, who unwittingly claim to be a Crown/State copyright document, to the rule of fictional administrative commercial law.

It is essentially illegal to use a legal name that appears on a birth certificate.


3 thoughts on “Jurisdiction of Crown Administrative Law -How Humanity Has Been Duped

  1. How is one to do anything in this world without having some form of identity in its truest form, meaning I know I am not my name, though I use it to handle what ever business I am up to & choosing to create, in order for me to have a roof over my head theres some type of contract that will be used to bind it in order to know it is true in its information & that I am committed to following through whatever the agreement. Unfortunately I really don’t understand how to end all spiritual contracts that are not for my higher good, because if I did and understood how to live with out money I would. It is a bit frustrating when I see all these fantastic idea’s of living in a world without being subject to what is “legal” to live. If I could get some assistance to understand that would be great. Thank you, Aida😊

    1. Hello Aida, the spiritual contract exists in your consciousness, because of what you are conscious of, you act in accordance with an earthly contract because that is where your consciousness has been guided to focus by the ways/laws of men/women, because your consciousness is so full of regard to the laws/ways of man, matters of money etc, your spirit/soul has little or no voice let alone action in your life, the contracts run very deep. With the inexhaustible belief in and ever increasing supply of approximately 70 million laws of man the crys of your right brain spirit mind is essentially blocked, there is not enough silence to hear nor clarity to see with the constant chatter of the left.
      If you are looking for earthly remedy, your situation will require you to take the steps yourself as each individual can only be accountable to and for themselves, when you begin to “do” in accordance with the laws of creation/nature/God your spiritual senses and “insight” will strengthen considerably.
      When you use a legal name you are breaking both mans law and Gods law, you are using something that is created by another (the Crown), can be likened to “taking the lords name in vain” or theft but since it can only ever be in a setting where rules of administrative/commercial law applies by way of assumption you are assumed to not be in ignorance of copyright law wherein the use of a legal name without express permission from the creator of the body of the works of a Crown owned and copyright registry and therefore owner of the works contained within, your use of a legal fiction name amounts to the crime of fraud.
      So there you are caught in the never ending loop of “legal” a mind full of it, tantamount to worshipping the devil itself as there is no room in your mind for matters of spirit.
      Kate of Gaia does a superb job of guiding others in this path http://kateofgaia.wordpress.com/kates-writings be sure to read as much of Kates’ work as possible Aida you might also like to check out Bill Donahue at http://hiddenmeanings.com

    2. Hi Aida, getting rid of these legal things in your life does not happen overnight when you first attempt to do it but it will most certainly not happen if you are doing nothing toward getting it out of your life..The tendency to overthink the outcomes like living without money is exactly the kind of thinking that keeps your mind under the control of the legal cult and the money makers. You are in deep if you have a business to run, mortgage to pay, rely heavily on goods and services, a lifestyle to upkeep etc one must start with small steps in awareness of all of the implications of thoughts and actions from now on. You are considering your spiritual well being, where that is concerned there can be no compromise, the soul cannot live where the ego consciousness chooses to play a fictional part in life, it will fade like the picture in “back to the future”, a fictional part that isn’t even of your own choosing but the choosing of the legal cult. Have you also considered the crimes against humanity you have been party to by living life according to the dictates of legal fiction? How you have been contributing to every foul thing that human beings are capable of doing, by defending the legal fiction you attach yourself to? I mention this because it was a major motivator for me helping me to stand in absolute truth and being determined not to waver from the path. should you choose to accept the mission with good faith, you will be provided with everything that you NEED.

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