Vote for a flag? Your death pledge.

you are all being fools fooled again, come on people wakey wakey is it not obvious to you that this flag referendum is totally fake? They only allow choices that they want which means they are a step ahead of you in the first place in assuming they have consent to even think about changing anything, didn’t even ask if anyone wanted to change the corporate logo did they? The there is the assumption that they have authority over your lives. Are you a shareholder, an owner, of the Crown corporation? I think not. You have obviously not stopped to think upon how these people even get to the positions they are in when they are so obviously disconnected with the struggles you face in your reality which is a direct result of their historic decisions effecting your ability to sustain yourself and your family. For you life has been reduced to getting permission to live from people that have no regard for your life, what does your gut instinct tell you? They don’t really give a shit about you and yours? Your intuition is right!
The fact is, that whatever logo is on a Crown corporate blood and misery soaked rag you call a flag, it is none of your business, it is the business of the Crown corporation and those own and who operate it.
Not your business, not your company, not your corporation, not your country.
Your vote on these things is simply an indicator, to those that are running the slavery system, of how many dumb asses are still breaking Crown copyright law thereby enslaving themselves by their own consent. A “head” count for the stupid who they can “legally” use for war.
If you work for the Crown don’t be thinking you are somehow exempt because you are not, they have your pledge too because you not only break copyright law you also aid and abet others in to the commission of fraud, most likely on a daily basis, even just handing out and collecting forms and that also goes for anyone working for a company that requires a signature on a form using a legal name.
Google it – legal name fraud, find out for yourself, preferably before they come for you and your kids, they will be coming, world war 3 has already started, if you have legal ID in any form they will own you and yours legally to fight and die for that coloured piece of cloth and their psychopathic ideas that go with it that you pledged yourself to by using a legal name.

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