Remove All Crown “legal” Jurisdiction, Never Set foot In a Crown Court again.

To Remove all “legal” jurisdiction of all fictional authorities simply stop using a legal name that is owned by the Crown.
Stop playing in Crown courts there is no remedy for the living in those places, they serve only the Crown and its’ parasitical minions, you are    effectively giving your life energies to dead fictional con-structs, you are being conned.
Using a Crown copyrighted name that appears on any birth certificate without express permission from the Crown is fraud, you will pay and keep on paying as long as you break that law.
All ID is false it cannot truly define the sentient, ID serves one purpose – control over the holder/claimant.
Are you aware of how easy it is to purchase any birth certificate other than the one you think is yours and obtain valid Crown ID with the aid of that birth certificate?
Does that not strike you as rather a large security breach in what you think is uniquely your property?
Do you have original copyright on what you have been taught is your name? No but the Crown does!
Do you have express written permission to autonomously use a name that appears on a birth certificate? NO!
Every ID is fake, constructive figments of imagination, especially Crown IDs, only you can truly identify who you are, theirs are also “not real” they are simply ideas written on paper, copyright intellectual property created by agents of the Crown, figments of the imaginings of those that obsessed in the fictional laws of man, the underlying delusional suggestion is that they are capable of creating a real human body and its’ consciousness when all they are capable of creating is an inanimate “body of works” a written record  in a book.
You discarded your true self and gave up control of your consciousness when you claimed an ID from the Crown, claiming an identity from the Crown, your body and mind become as paper property of the Crown, “owned” by way of your own actions and unwitting ignorant consent to laws of “man”, wherein “ignorance of the law does not constitute an acceptable defense”.
All Crown paper property is subject to Crown copyright and jurisdiction, Using a “legal” name dictates that you are a consenting servant to those of diminished morality, those who revel in and profit through death and misery , stop pretending to be a paper person! The benefit is real life as opposed to slavery and death.

At the end of your patience with “the law”?


So you have researched and studied “the law”, you have submitted countless well written “legal” documents to agents of the Crown only to be ignored and attacked by enforcers that have little to no respect for your physical well being, so what is next when there isn’t any satisfaction and seemingly no end to the attacks on your body and theft of your stuff?
Eventually you may come to see that the flat paper world of administrative law is not your world at all and cannot be commanded by you evident in “their” disregard for your expensive to send written communications with the faceless administrators of fictional law, which really only serves as your signed admission of “guilt” in using intellectual property that does not belong to you. No matter how logical your argument or correct your interpretation of “legal” may be, your only place in that world is as a servant when you use a legal name without express permission.
If you choose to play in that world “acting” as a legal fiction “name” you will get burnt, as easily as burns the piece of paper the legal name fiction exists upon.
If you are one not to give up but no longer want the exhausting and perpetual mental and physical conflict, you may then realise that a single thought of surrender born of exasperation opens a new door to a more enlightened form of knowledge, you will begin to make advances in distinction between what is real/true/truth and what is false/fiction/lies and will begin to truly see your past “understanding”, the concepts of mind you “stood under”, how your own mind is the major contributor to worldly dilemmas, well disguised beliefs/conditioning in ideas that are false, belief based upon fiction/lies that will inevitably take you on a path to self destruction because you will act in a manner that is consistently following the dictates of those beliefs.
It is only you that has the power to change your mind not anyone outside of you.
You must stop living your life according to the dictates of Crown administrative law, all it takes is ceasing to use a legal name, not using a legal name is an individual experience each with their own set of eventualities according to the erroneous beliefs you will be destroying in your mind, others may have similar experiences but no two will be exactly the same, each individual must grow a set and do it for themselves and in doing it also protecting those not capable of doing it for themselves.
The questions are, why are you not prepared to give up something as vain as a name which is in fact illegal to use in order to protect your children your family your loved ones from the harm this parasitic belief in a fictitious authority called “The Crown” causes, and why are you not doing it?
For most it would most likely be the fear of losing the illusion of security that valueless figures in a bank account or money represents, that stuff that the most morally corrupt of humanity own, manipulate and maintain control of through administrative laws written by morally corrupt law makers.
The hard yards have been done by those that precede you in these things, you only need put your finishing touch for you to it without the need for fear or self realised conflict. 

Google “legal name fraud” truly lead your life according to your good conscience don’t get hanged by the slip knot lead the morally corrupt put around your neck through mental trickery.

Jurisdiction of Crown Administrative Law -How Humanity Has Been Duped

Jurisdiction of Crown Administrative Law.
How humanity has been duped.

The Crown/State can only lay legal claim to ownership and jurisdiction over what it has created.

The Crown/State can only create and own copyrighted intellectual property which is sigils on paper, it cannot lay claim to creating living beings, that claim could only ever be true of creation/God itself.

The Crown/State owns and has jurisdiction over every name on every birth certificate in every registry around the world by way of copyright.

Every name in every registry is subject to copyright by way of being part of the body of the works of Crown/State copyright books known as “registry”.

No living human being has express autonomous permission to use a legal name that is on a birth certificate, not even bar card holders have exemption, Motu proprio 2013.

Therein lays the trap that allows men/women of ill intent to abuse mankind by way of
fictional administive ruling to steal life, wealth, and enslave humanity by way of soul/sole contract, subjecting men and women, who unwittingly claim to be a Crown/State copyright document, to the rule of fictional administrative commercial law.

It is essentially illegal to use a legal name that appears on a birth certificate.

Vote for a flag? Your death pledge.

you are all being fools fooled again, come on people wakey wakey is it not obvious to you that this flag referendum is totally fake? They only allow choices that they want which means they are a step ahead of you in the first place in assuming they have consent to even think about changing anything, didn’t even ask if anyone wanted to change the corporate logo did they? The there is the assumption that they have authority over your lives. Are you a shareholder, an owner, of the Crown corporation? I think not. You have obviously not stopped to think upon how these people even get to the positions they are in when they are so obviously disconnected with the struggles you face in your reality which is a direct result of their historic decisions effecting your ability to sustain yourself and your family. For you life has been reduced to getting permission to live from people that have no regard for your life, what does your gut instinct tell you? They don’t really give a shit about you and yours? Your intuition is right!
The fact is, that whatever logo is on a Crown corporate blood and misery soaked rag you call a flag, it is none of your business, it is the business of the Crown corporation and those own and who operate it.
Not your business, not your company, not your corporation, not your country.
Your vote on these things is simply an indicator, to those that are running the slavery system, of how many dumb asses are still breaking Crown copyright law thereby enslaving themselves by their own consent. A “head” count for the stupid who they can “legally” use for war.
If you work for the Crown don’t be thinking you are somehow exempt because you are not, they have your pledge too because you not only break copyright law you also aid and abet others in to the commission of fraud, most likely on a daily basis, even just handing out and collecting forms and that also goes for anyone working for a company that requires a signature on a form using a legal name.
Google it – legal name fraud, find out for yourself, preferably before they come for you and your kids, they will be coming, world war 3 has already started, if you have legal ID in any form they will own you and yours legally to fight and die for that coloured piece of cloth and their psychopathic ideas that go with it that you pledged yourself to by using a legal name.