To whom it may concern, that means YOU!

It appears you are not looking beyond your own individual needs, please expand your thinking and heart toward others less fortunate, the truly disenfranchised, the disabled, those incapable by one means or another of comprehending these things.
“Legal” “mans laws” cannot be allowed to continue or to be encouraged to allow the parasitic elitists to live off humanity, they must be erased from consciousness. The “legal” concepts’ thirst for blood and appetite for human sacrifice and destruction of the earth, most obviously prominent and ramping up in the world today, is totally unsustainable. (Many of you will die, but that is a sacrifice “they” are prepared to make)
These ideas/constructs are not of the natural world or creation, they are an evil which can only live and manifest in this physical dimension because the ideas are in the hearts and minds of men/women who act upon them.
One by one it must be removed from consciousness if humanity is to survive at all.
All in all at this point in human history it doesn’t look too promising with seven billion odd human beings stupefied in to following the commands of a small number of their kind using the rest of them to manifest a self destroying idea (talk about lemmings) unable to simply recognise they have believed a pack of lies and to quit obeying an “evil” inspired system of law and those that tell them that it is ok to kill each other and every other living creature on the planet because it is “legal”.
Humanity is looking very much like a failed experiment there but for a few brave hearts.
Legality is an enabler of human, animal, plant and earth suffering, the legal name is the key element to enabling all things “legal”.
An enabled legal name enables a legal fiction account/bond, upon which Politicians, using it as surety, borrow large sums of fictional money from bankers who make said money out of thin air, allowing politicians/lawmakers to fund their insanity paid for by living human beings using/enabling a legal name.
Entire lifetimes for many generations born in to fictional debt only made real by those paid to enforce it, payed with money borrowed upon the surety the legal name user provides.
That is where the power of the individual lays.
When a living human being understands that legal no longer applies to them when that living human being ceases to use the legal name, knowing it is the instrument that entraps them thereby subjecting them to rules of fictional invention set by Crown law, the living human being immediately closes down the Crown owned account removing themselves as surety, no longer supporting the financing of corrupt banking practices and the murderous intent inherent in the fictional world of legal, political and commerce.
You, that living being of good conscience, upon giving up the use of a legal name belonging to the Crown, may lose all your stuff or may not lose all your stuff, a small price to pay for freedom, life and your essence/soul.
The stuff was never yours to begin with since anything of high monetary value was most likely registered with the Crown effectively transferring ownership of said stuff to the Crown created and owned account of the legal name the living human being had prior used illegally in matters of pecuniary gain, in other words, you will lose nothing you had not already lost and will lose should you continue to enable the account by using the name when your contribution to WW3 is called for by those leading you up the garden path of destruction and those you pay by enabling the legal name to enforce their will upon you.
Oh, there are big bonuses after you commit your being to eradicating all things legal, you will only know and begin to realise those bonuses the second you commit!
All the best to you and yours.
Google – legal name fraud

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