Are there undetectable Forces Influencing Your Life?

How many things exist in this world yet you cannot see them, hear them, taste them or feel them? If you could not some how detect them would you simply put them down to some irrational imagination?
These unseen forces are brought to the attention by observation of effects.
How many more unseen forces are at work beyond those that, “always playing catchup”, science has not named may be at work undetected by human beings?
What about thought? can thought alone produce an effect in this world? What about creation of a thought itself from what source does that originate?
Are human beings more than just the meat and bone they stand in? is there an undetectable force or forces driving them?
What forces are at work that prevent human beings from seeing beyond the five senses?
Could there be forces at work that effect human behaviour?
Could those forces effect the entire human population of earth?
What could you do if you knew the origin of that source is within you?

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