Living Man/Wo-man Your Mind Is Trapping You In A Dead World

Living Man/Wo-man your mind is trapping you in the illusion that solutions to problems of this world must be physical, that your ego mind must find solutions, running according to some plan it makes, scripting scenes and conversations with imaginary opponents with the intent of challenging them in debate, or worse, expecting to change their harmful behaviours toward you, then armed with the new and most favourable plan walking the world in expectation of a moment to test those scripted responses in the physical world, a level of doubt and fear, exists in the mind which automatically makes the expectations of such plans success limited, stifled by the ego minds’ own measure of its limited knowledge.
Wouldn’t it be great if somewhere in that head of yours you had a switch that you just had to throw in order to tap in to all of the knowledge that there is in the entire universe?
Would that be somewhat better than having to put up struggling with the limitations of a mind whose knowledge is constructed from beliefs fed to it by things and people of this world who are no less ignorant than yourself following obvious agendas to keep you subservient to evil people and inadvertently contributing to evil shit you can’t help but notice in todays’ world?
That switch exists and it is not physical it is inside your head, all you have to do is switch that thinking mind that has been nothing but trouble to you off. Even just for a moment or two in order to use your other mind that cohabits the human brain. Yes there are two. Are you in your right mind or have you been left out?
Know that for all of its’ worldly intellectual prowess the ego mind is working against you and the rest of humanity and life itself and cannot be relied upon to deliver you from evil, it has been born of evil in to evil, educated in evil to do evil.
The worlds major problems are due to human behavioural problems, behavioural problems are a result of erroneous thinking processes, in short, mental issues.
Even at the lowest level of engagement in this dimensional world the ego mind supports evil works simply by unwittingly accepting the notion that the sum total of its’ being is a quantifiable object, ignorant of the fact that the quantifiable name it calls itself belongs to something “in Law”, a dead world, these laws/ideas created by man have no life without a human being consenting to attach itself to them, thereby subjecting and submitting the human body and all it contains to the pageantry of fictitious laws which are foreign to nature, spirit and creation.
A self imposed death sentence, slower if you comply, quick if you do not, in the end same result, comply – you pay, don’t comply – you pay.
It is by way of “legal instruments” that all good conscience, all morality, all good intent, is nullified in the world, where all “good” is measured in terms of profit at the expense of all things living.
Legal ID identifies you as being complicit in all crimes against life.
Did you think you were of good conscience, pro life, moral, standing up for what is “right”? think again you are legally complicit as long as you identify yourself with a name.

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