Your Problem is “Legal” Your Protest is Illegal.

You support a system of law that is based on fictional rules of commerce through the fraudulent use of a name that appears on a birth certificate. Man-ipulation of those rules has led to you and the rest of humanity to becoming the slave and agents of the Crown becoming your master.
Not only are these things a manipulation of rules they are also a manipulation of your mind.
You are a slave by your own consent, your own mind has willingly trapped you and your body in a legal matrix, you will not escape your own mind unless you can change it, unless you are able to see life outside of the legal matrix.
You go to your protests knowing that what these pricks are doing is immoral and does not support life, yet you continually unwittingly allow them to manhandle you, to threaten you, steal your belongings, to incarcerate you and to even kill you because they have “legal” permission granted by you to do so if you do not comply to their fictional laws, all because you continue to use a legal name.
Caveat emptor, they told you in their Bible,
“and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell except the one who has the mark”
that mark is in your mind and in your right hand with which you sin/sign.
No one to blame but yourself when they come to claim your body and soul and they will once the poor and disenfranchised have nothing more to steal, and after you they will blindly continue to destroy others lives and the planet “legally”!
Fear of losing your possessions? You are possessed of your possessions, therefore, possessed of these fictional laws of commerce.
The truth is, by way of laws of commerce and the fraudulent use of a legal name, copyright intellectual property of the Crown, you own nothing, not even your body.
It is illegal to use a legal name as it is illegal to use copyright intellectual property legally belonging to another without express written consent to do so.
You don’t believe a name on a birth certificate is subject to Crown copyright? Google it yourself “Crown copyright” it applies to all documents created for/by the Crown, all data contained within within the body of the works of all Crown copyright material is “legally” owned by the Crown.
If you use a legal name it is assumed that you are a thing owned by the Crown and are operating in commerce and that you by your own free will consent to being ruled by laws of commerce.
The second you use a legal name you have broken copyright law, you are guilty.
I do not have express written consent from the Crown to use a legal name that is written on a birth certificate in order to administer the account attached to it, nor do you,
I will not use a legal name unless I am expressly granted legal consent to do so, only then will there be a clear distinction between the living being and the dead fictional account owned by the Crown.
Only then will the Crown become the servant and you the master. Only then will the psychopathic ego maniacs who have taken charge lose access to the funding which enables them pay other dimwits to destroy life.
I urge you to stop breaking “their” law, stop using a legal name, for the sake of all of humanity and the planet and especially you!
A simple change of your mind, all you need to “do” is not break that one law mentally! Your self correcting physical actions will follow your new mental directive.
Choose life not death.

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