You Broke the Law Getting a License!

The Critical point most people miss in searching for truth in all things legal such as drivers licenses, registration of motor vehicles, marriage licenses, etc, involves jurisdiction.

How does a Crown court get jurisdiction over a living being? Jurisdiction is gained through the use of a Crown owned legal fiction name, a name that appears on a birth certificate. When a living being uses a legal name they are inadvertently accepting contract in dishonour, placing themselves under Crown jurisdiction by using a name that is Crown created and owned copyright material (the Crown is Creator/God/owner of the 2D paper world).

To use Crown copyright material without permission is illegal, which makes all forms of ID, licensing, registration illegal, as all are obtained with a name that appears on a birth certificate which upon it clearly states it cannot be used as a form of identification, yet without it no ID can be obtained.

The choice is yours to break the law by using a legal name, your ignorance of these things makes you a criminal subject to Crown jurisdiction, subject to laws of commerce as a marked beast of monetary burden.

3 thoughts on “You Broke the Law Getting a License!

  1. And so how then do you operate as a free man or woman trying to travel or operate without being accosted, harassed, assaulted and/or arrested by the corporate thugs calling themselves “police”?

    1. Hi Garth, questions you need to be asking of yourself are, what are you prepared to face in order gain physical, mental, spiritual freedom? Are you prepared to commit yourself to that one single truth and act accordingly no matter what the cost? Whilst you ponder the possibilities of harm to yourself, your assumed consent to the theft of your energies contributes to every murderous and destructive act upon the planet every child murdered, every rape. Once you commit you will find guidance comes from within, it can be most challenging to the programmed ego mind, no two experiences are the same but do share the common truth that it is legal name fraud that binds you which becomes more obvious as you proceed, you will find your own way to do this, read the information on the links provided, make your choice otherwise expect more of the same crap in your life and the lives of family and friends you love, doing nothing will most certainly net you nothing. Look at the world today, if you haven’t noticed things are not getting better and are striking closer to home for almost everyone, now is the time to put your best and bravest foot forward.
      wishing you the very best in your journey!
      p.s there are facebook groups and skype where you can discuss these things in realtime or messaging with real people. try kate of gaia discussion group in facebook to start finding your own answers.

    2. the question you need to ask yourself is do you really NEED to travel before embarking on that kind of adventure Garth, there are ways but the need at this point in time must be absolutely genuine.

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