Why Your Vote is Completely Irrelevent


  • Each VOTER Registration is FRAUDULENT as the Legal Name/I.D. is used in order to register to vote. Therefore, as it is true that any/all use of a Legal Name is FRAUD, which is ILLEGAL, it follows that ALL registered voters’ papers are FRAUDULENT!  Which means ALL their VOTES were/will be FRAUDULENT too!
  • Once a FRAUD is revealed, ALL contracts, ALL document, ALL actions resulting from the initial FRAUD are rendered NULL & VOID – from the beginning – Ab Initio, Nunc Pro Tunc.  FACT: There is NO Statute of Limitations on the CRIME of FRAUD!
  • All of the above are Legal facts resulting in the biggest SCANDAL in history – EVER!  Forget all those other political scandals which toppled careers and whole governments!  This is the root: #Namegate!  Nobody in any position/office has the legal right to be there if they claim they were ‘voted into office’ via registered voters.  Or they must prove how illegally-obtained votes, via Legal Name Fraud, can become legal votes!
  • There is NO legitimate government, president, prime minister, politician, mayor, etc.  All public offices which heretofore claimed a position of ‘authority’ are no longer able to make such claims.  There is NO legitimate authority anywhere.  The Legal Name Fraud Scandal, what is known as #Namegate, is PROOF positive the whole construct of the control system/government, political influence and decision-making is now at an end. NULL & VOID!

Read ‘Babylon Is Fallen’ for more on the legal name fraud trap and how the control system was set-up to enslave and criminalise Humanity. 

What Is Happening In Your Schools


Fact: It is illegal to use a legal name, yet the education system enrols/registers children into school using the Legal Name on the Birth Certificate.

This is fraud.

The innocent child is then systematically indoctrinated into believing they ARE the name called in the ‘Daily Register Ritual’ (see below).

And so begins the mind control/education of the criminal fraudster, by those career criminal fraudsters called ‘teachers’.

After graduation you’ll begin your life as a career criminal, having obtained your qualifications by fraudulent use of a legal name.

You will obtain employment in your chosen field and proceed to follow orders, take decisions, pass judgements, perform duties, give treatments, even kill others, within your role/function/authority/job description – and all this activity and the effects your actions have upon others and the world is rooted in your fraudulently obtained education/certificates/qualifications/degrees and even in your fraudulently signed job application.

Remember, it is illegal to use a legal name.

It is fraud.

Once a fraud is revealed it renders that which it touches, that which is based within the fraud, null & void – so all the certificates/qualifications/degrees, etc., are not worth the paper they are inked-upon!

Anyone performing a role based within a fraudulently obtained ‘education’ is doing so in fraud, with no right to do so and no protection, in full personal liability for any/all harms arising out of actions taken ‘on the job’.   No corporate immunity exists now.  No work-related insurance exists either, as insurance is claimed/underwritten in the legal name.

All contracts are rendered Null & Void upon revelation of a fraud. And this Legal Name fraud has long been revealed.  Ignorance in matters of law/legality is NO defence.

You Broke the Law Getting a License!

The Critical point most people miss in searching for truth in all things legal such as drivers licenses, registration of motor vehicles, marriage licenses, etc, involves jurisdiction.

How does a Crown court get jurisdiction over a living being? Jurisdiction is gained through the use of a Crown owned legal fiction name, a name that appears on a birth certificate. When a living being uses a legal name they are inadvertently accepting contract in dishonour, placing themselves under Crown jurisdiction by using a name that is Crown created and owned copyright material (the Crown is Creator/God/owner of the 2D paper world).

To use Crown copyright material without permission is illegal, which makes all forms of ID, licensing, registration illegal, as all are obtained with a name that appears on a birth certificate which upon it clearly states it cannot be used as a form of identification, yet without it no ID can be obtained.

The choice is yours to break the law by using a legal name, your ignorance of these things makes you a criminal subject to Crown jurisdiction, subject to laws of commerce as a marked beast of monetary burden.

The Age of Consent and Crown Control (why assistance is cut off for a year at 17yrs)

The gap between 17 years where a child and family is entitled to minimal Crown financial support and 18 years where there is a one year period without any Crown financial support is an essential step for the Crown to develop a dependency in the individuals’ on all things Crown.
At the age of consent it is crucial that the Crown gains the childs’ consent to become subject to Crown laws of commerce by using a legal name that is owned by the Crown by way of copyright. Unless the Child is completely “off the grid” independent and self sufficient, it becomes a financial burden to both its’ family and itself (no one will be able to buy or sell except the one who has the mark) the child is left with little option but to obtain that “mark”, Crown ID, in order to function in commerce to provide for itself.
Most often it takes a lot more effort to make a living without Crown ID due the compliance of others and the intensely restrictive design of Crown laws of commerce, most will take the “on first appearances” easier option and go for the Crown ID. It is not until quite some time later that the individual may become aware that the easier option comes with literally thousands of hidden terms and conditions of “legal” contract which, if left to continue, results in a lifetime of mindless, stress filled servitude to a dead fictional authority.

Since it is a illegal to take or use either intellectual or physical property that belongs to another without their express permission, claiming a Crown copyright and owned name to be you or yours is a crime, it is in fact illegal to use any name registered by the Crown.
If what is written here resonates with you, join the now thousands around the world who are now actively refusing to commit fraud by using a legal name, thereby freeing themselves from bond slavery under the Crown, the Crown and its’ agents do not have legal jurisdiction over anything they did not create.