Your Power Company is Stealing From You

Word has reached them in high” places that some of us know about the theft of the peoples’ energies through the fraud they are guilty of but they still want to maintain the illusion of control and their privilege through legal name fraud so when the heat on them dies down they can continue the cycle of destruction unless offering platitudes is merely a distraction, it could well be with the rumour afoot that may see a 170% increase in electricity charges. Plans may already be in place that make it not quite so obvious in its’ murderous in its’ intent.
It is clear that if “they” do not serve the living, they serve death, the dead fictional Crown.
Using a legal fiction name that belongs to the Crown (a fictional lifeless entity) is illegal as it is a breach of copyright, and since all jurisdiction over commerce belongs to the Crown and its’ courts and agents (judges, lawyers, police etc) it has been provided that, and the Crown expects you to accept, that no one can buy or sell anything without using a legal name and when you do you automatically break the law which will instantly binds you to Crown jurisdiction.
Does that make your trained monkey brain race? oh my what will you do if you are unable to buy or sell?
Getting a grip on reality might help point out that your monkey brain just accepted the authority of a dead entity whose only body is made of paper, namely the Crown, that tells you, you cannot buy or sell, and your conscious mind instantly did the how will I live shuffle right on que and true to a narrow unimaginative scripted auto-response passed to it by others that share the same programming.
Yes keep paying these thieving power companies nothing the matter with that, as they all belong to the Crown like everything registered with the Crown, this effectively means that the same thieves, the Crown and the bankers, will still be stealing your energies just making it look like it is the big bad power company where they are being generous or fair to those they have already stolen far too much off by talking about “non recoverable grants to pay electricity bills of beneficiaries, just where would that leave struggling non beneficiaries? Not too far from the doors of WINZ perhaps.
How do beneficiaries get themselves in to a position where they were unable to pay for essentials such as electricity where they have little or no choice in having to rely on some kind of benefit, would it be fair to say at the least a factor being some kind of administrative error was continually going on unchecked? Some kind of mental disconnect in those with the finger on the money button from those in society suffering?
Here is a fact found by deliberately testing this legal system, without a legal name to buy or sell or trade with one cannot contract with an electricity company, nor can they “legally” disconnect electricity from any home as they are bound in contract with the Crown to supply and maintain power to every household. However, where a household is unable to contract with them because it is illegal to use a legal name, they hire a debt collection agent to break the law, distract the family living in the home, one at the front door one at the back doing the dirty deed, they trespass upon a property where the family is living without a warrant or any legal documentation and disconnect the power.
These actions effectively puts the debt collection agency in the hot seat with the Crown but since it is in the interests of the corrupt within the Crown to steal from people they will overlook the transgressions of a dishonest and sneaky collections agency.
The Crown is liable for all debt as it claims to own everything that is registered or licensed and we know that the Crown Creates the debt right from the day you are registered born.
The “must pay” programming runs very deep when the truth of the story is that everything has already been paid for in both energy and money by the people for decades, the bankers act as money launderers for those that have control over the laws and have funneled the wealth of nations away from the people basically giving them legal ownership by way of the Crown of the entire planet.
Law is a collection of ideas, a work of fiction that without the consent of the masses would never have been enforceable and like a cancer grew from small beginnings to proportions capable of consuming most human life upon the planet.
Consent to “obey” these laws of fiction is deviously gained by  presenting a fraud, a very masterful but simple fraud through contracts that do not reveal their true nature or intent.
Where a fraud is revealed a contract is rendered null and void, ab initio, nunc pro tunc, ad infinitum from the beginning, as if it never existed, for all time.
The intent in legal name fraud was to deceive and it has served the purpose well up until now.
It is illegal to use a legal name so what will you do about it? will you still use a legal name knowing that is the one thing that stands between you and true freedom from mental and spiritual slavery.
The one key element that makes it possible for those morally inept with varying degrees of mental illness ranging from narcissistic to sociopathic, to out and out psychopathic, that are enabled by mass consent due to fraud, to gather as much funding and resources as they wish from you and rule the world, killing, stealing, raping and destroying at will, farming you as human livestock as if it were a god given right to them, it is simply because you think you are nothing without a name, you probably can’t even imagine not having a name, but you will at first imagine god knows how many impossibilities life might hold for you not having one, you think you are a name and you think you need a name in order to live. That name of “yours” is the name of the marked beast, does that sound familiar? are you happy to be “their” marked beast? the great cull could be just around the corner with the news that the Bilderburg group are discussing world economic collapse (how to bring it on and still appear innocent) and Nuclear war (how to start it, save their own hides and still appear innocent).
Perhaps worse than all that for your spiritual health, you have been living lies as a consequence of your beliefs in the name and your participation in “the system” all your life, I am pretty sure that lying is one of those things that are spiritually damning.
For more information on the legal name fraud –

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