How you are serving against your own human interests and life itself by “Taking Anything to a Crown Court”

One of the greatest realisations I had was that I was legitimising these corrupt courts claim to authority by thinking I had to get agents of those courts to agree with my analysis of the facts I had found. I had done the research in to these laws of commerce in great depth and proven beyond my own doubt that these court agents were sworn to corrupting the generally accepted concepts of justice and truth held by those of good conscience, the reason being, because it is in the interests of the Crown.
These people are not of “good conscience”, that in itself a somewhat confusing concept for those of good conscience to come to terms with in order to advance in thinking presenting the problem that one tends to think one must find reason and method of turning corrupted minds in to uncorrupted in order to reach the goal of having ones own understanding accepted.
It is of the utmost importance you make the clear distinction that everything in a Crown court of commercial laws is primarily guided by the principle that all must bow to the pecuniary interests of the Crown, where the interests of an individual corporation/account such as yourself (since you are representing a legal fiction name belonging to the Crown) must come in to a court disadvantaged in judgement, basically pointing out that an individual legal fiction claim against another legal fiction will never “win” unless it can be of pecuniary interest to the Crown.
It is in the interests of the Crown to disadvantage an individual account where another account nets a greater pecuniary advantage to the Crown over the “charging” or “charged” account.
A prime ministers’, or presidents’ account is obviously making huge amounts of debt accountable to individual accounts and also increasing Crown “ownership” of assets, (selling a “state owned” asset to an individual account nets greater return to the Crown simply because all individual accounts are primarily owned by the Crown), it is simply a transfer of the responsibility of an economically stagnant asset from one account to another in an attempt to extract greater advantage usually by way of more devious means to legally extract money from living beings who are producing real value.
Are you now able to see that, you the living being, appearing in, or appealing to, a Crown court are performing/acting for the Crown where human interests are entirely irrelevant?
You are in effect practicing law without a bar card and using a legal fiction name that belongs to the Crown. It is illegal to use a legal name and cannot not be looked upon with favour unless it is of pecuniary advantage to the Crown.
Where pecuniary (everything in a Crown court involves the exchange of things of monetary value) advantage is sought by a living being in a Crown court, the living being is committing fraud by way of copyright infringement using a legal fiction name that is registered TO and owned by the Crown (as opposed to the idea it is “registered with”) where all legal fiction names are owned by the Crown by way of “gifting” (G-amete I-ntra F-allopian T-ransfer) Laws of commerce are not based on human interests (so why “subject” yourself to them).
It is as difficult for those of no apparent conscience to comprehend the damage these “laws of man” are doing to the living and the entire planet as it is for those of good conscience to comprehend that others do not have good conscience, the only assumption that those of narcissistic bent can take is that those of good conscience that play in the arena of the laws of commerce have no conscience or regard for human life either because they are participating, which brings us to the conclusion that in order for those of good conscience to “win” they must not play in that arena, ever!
There is only one way to do that and that is by denying to represent and not using a legal name.
It is in fact illegal to use a legal name!

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