Corporate Control of the Human Population of Earth

Corporate control = corporate law, laws of commerce.
The single elemental reason that all human beings are now subject to commercial law is because they claim to be a name which is not owned by them, the “key” to the lock where humanity imprisons itself.
In a world run by commerce, in order to include every living human being on the planet a name is the single factor common to all, that name on a birth certificate has one unique number upon it.
Whilst two or more individuals may have the same name the number is unique, it “identifies” one from another.

“And he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.” –
You, with a birth certificate, are the marked beast! A name is not an entitlement to something, it is the invisible chain that binds you to laws of commerce.

In 1952 complete control of every unique number became subject to Uniform Commercial Code, a “transnational” form of law in addition to all existing acts, rules regulations and statutes of existing “Crown” law, the “one ring that rules them all”, these are the laws that govern performance of all commercial activity world wide – One World Governance/New World Order, enslaving all who use a name that is on a birth certificate.

There is only one way of ridding the world of this abomination and that is to stop breaking the laws of man by breaking the one law keeping you subject to Crown jurisFiction, do not use a legal name, it is illegal to use a legal name!

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