Banks, Mortgages, Loans & Your Relationship To Them and The Crown

Central banks do not pay governments, this nonsense is simply smoke and mirrors attempting to legitimise both governments and banks as having some kind of fair and honest thing going on, when the truth of the matter is both are entirely fraudulent.
Both banks and Governments are third party interlopers upon your life energies and have no legitimate claim to you or your work unless you claim to be a legal name that is the creation of the Crown corporation.
The name that is on the birth certificate that your parents obtained for you, which “cannot be used as identification” is not you nor is it your property.
It is a piece of paper, the name of a “legal fiction” account that is subject to Crown copyright, it is not even title to anything of substance, it is evidence of a legal contract between your parents and the Crown. All things registered with the Crown are in fact gifts to the Crown, Crown owned.

Your Mortgage;

In any loan agreement with a bank a manager and yourself sign as co-signers, each equally responsible for the contract. Since all contracts signed using a legal fiction name which is copyright material owned by the Crown, both yourself and the manager are breaking the law committing fraud, the bank manager has aided and abetted you in to committing that fraud, where the purpose is pecuniary gain.  Both you and the manager are agreeing to activating and act as (pretend to be) a Crown owned “numbered” account.
When a fraud is exposed all contracts become null and void, ab initio nunc pro tunc ad infinitum. This also makes all promissory notes made in that name by you and accepted by a manager fraudulent and worthless, counterfeit, as neither you nor the bank manager have either the authority or permission to use a legal name belonging to the Crown, nor permission to issue promissory notes in the name of said Crown owned legal fiction person.
Both you and the bank manager are criminals by consent in their own hand and thereby subject to the acts, rules, regulations and statutes of commercial law in accord with UCC (superseding common laws in 1933) and the constitution of the company known as The Crown Corporation.

The Crown corporation under the guise of the word “government” has been fleecing you since the day the birth certificate you associate with was issued.
“Governments” do not make money they spend it or at least politicians and agents of the Crown spend it, a surplus simply means they didn’t spend all of the last loan they got from a central bank and a deficit means they had to borrow more from a central bank at interest as well as the principle created from nothing, not anything of substance a bank claims to own, where taxes are used to pay interest and nothing more, where principle can never be payed/settled.
The Crown corporation and bankers create debt not wealth. Politicians, Bankers, Police, administrators, employees of the Crown “act” (the great pretenders) as unlicensed solicitors, unless they happen to have a bar card, soliciting your entrapment through consent to commit fraud using a legal name.
Lawyers and judges (professional pretend actors) are the only individuals that have Crown permission to engage another by way of license, a registered bar card, they are sworn in oath to uphold the interests of the Crown before all others (including you if you happen to be their client), in order to stay within the law whilst acting but also solicit you to get you to commit or continue to commit legal name fraud, Lawyers/solicitors/attorney’s/judges are thereby party to all fraud.

Motu proprio Francis 11 July 2013 was issued as a warning to transnational “juridical persons”.
Sacrificial lambs such as sexually deviant politicians, priests, lawyers judges, police, people in places of authority, (a ready source of groomed deviates) picked for punishment and public humiliation under colour of law, are merely an effort to distract and fool the general public in to thinking that the papacy is some kind of bastion of truth, morality and decency where it is really top of the rich list and does little or nothing to relieve world poverty or suffering (by your actions or inaction you will be known).
As the spiritual wing of the triple Crown responsible for spiritual contract the ruse suggests also that there can be justice or remedy achieved in the corrupt courts of commercial law where the entire fictional construct is based upon fraud through hidden contract.

You live your life in a perpetual state of mental and spiritual  dishonour, a criminal and a “bonded slave”, thinking you are the name your parents called you by and taught you to respond to where that name is in fact the name of an account created, copyrighted and owned by the Crown.
Use of that name outside of your own home in any situation you are inadvertently (assumed to be deliberate as ignorance of the “law” is not a defense) break the law by committing copyright fraud, in short, it is illegal to use a legal name.

It is by way of your own ignorance to these things that you are party to and contributor to all of the injustice, inequity, immorality, indecency you may, or may not, have observed in the world today. Your inadvertent consent to having your energies stolen to contribute wealth/energy to achieve plans of evil intent toward mankind by men of evil intent.
So many of us have been left feeling powerless to change these things, one individual against insurmountable odds, groups of concerned individuals left frustrated and beaten and incarcerated in their efforts to protest in fruitless and illogical pursuit attempting to appeal to the morals of those in positions of fictional authority who clearly have none, merely trained dogs eager to please their master even if it means ripping their victims limb from limb.
Until now few have realised this is a battle of the mind and spirit where the key element to the true power and authority of the one individual lays.
The secrets and the key to it all hidden and yet in plain site written in many books including well known religious texts, as well as old and modern movies, cunningly concealed where words and imagery provide the disguise of both truth and lies.
The key to all this mystery is the Name, it is in your forehead, embedded in your psyche as belonging to you and in your hand with which you sign that name with.

“And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or in their forehead”.

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