Television Scholars, Monkey See, Monkey Hear, Monkey Think.

We have an entire internet out there we can pick and choose what we learn and what the issues are, we are big kids now, don’t need any talking heads to tell us how to think or what to think about, you realise of course that anything you watch takes your attention and what your attention is on can become your reality as a result of your belief in the concept, Even though programs  may talk about issues close to the heart they offer no solution.
You may know the injustices of the world, they are not hard to spot, we are not looking to find no solution but that is what these programs effectively do psychologically simply getting your mind focusing on an apparently unsolvable issue leaving your mind in a state of believing the issue will continue to be an issue unless some kind of saviour comes along because you can’t do it because you don’t have a solution only an awareness that the issue exists, thereby leaving you powerless and ineffectual. Our awareness is not just knowing what is going on in the world but learning how to rise above the apparent issues by not giving them the weight of our own belief minus any long term solution.
How often do you question and test the issue to ascertain its’ validity, to see if it is real? Many issues may be deliberately contrived in order to steer your consciousness thereby trapping your energies elsewhere in things like the need for vengeance or fear, which primarily serves to validate the necessity to harm others, the boogey man in your own mental closet demanding pre-emptive murder on anything and everything outside of itself that it might suddenly be afraid of.

The solution to all lays within, the realms of conscious thought, it is dependent on the denial of the “legal” construct that has our soul trapped in this body and subject to jurisFictional authority of others outside of ourselves. It is that idea of jurisdiction that we are conned in to accepting bad ideas and lies without question, knowing with that gut feeling that something isn’t right somehow but not quite being able to put a finger on what to do about it, deep inside you know that no other man or woman should have authority over you unless you consent to it and very few have figured out how it becomes so.
Everything in this construct is a trap of a contractual nature trapping you in mind, body and therefore spirit and soul, bound to the contracts of mind that you accept/consent to either in ignorance or full knowledge.
In order to fool you in to a contract you know nothing about is really easy because the ego mind no matter how well educated it may be is naive to its beginnings and where and how it was brought to share consciousness and upon what truth or lie the foundations of all it’s beliefs are built upon. It only takes one lie to be exposed for the entire construct to be invalid.
The ego mind also will always be mistaken concerning truth in knowledge simply because the initial belief is built upon a lie, its’ naivety, and often laziness, causes it to take on and believe in others so called “truths” built upon a lies they have accepted  therefore only ever leaving all that have the lie embedded in their consciousness being in only in possession of an opinion not truth based upon the test of experience.

The “mind fuck” is just as easily achieved in the educated as the uneducated, in fact without an education the thinker learns to think in an entirely different manner and is less likely to fall for a scam where they rely on inner “instinctive” knowledge to spot the lies, whereas, in the educated mind there are many more pseudo truths based on lies to challenge, many veils upon the “original sin” within making the task of sorting out the ego mind far more difficult and a far less inviting task in the strictly educated.

The “original sin” in the physical reality involves theft, copyright infringement and fraud and what you have been trained to think is your name. I will not give further explanation in this post as I have covered it in many previous posts and in many other venues on the internet, it is easy to search for the information, just google legal name fraud if you wish to take responsibility and guarantee your own salvation, both physically and spiritually, and as a result save those you love as well the buck stops with you.

Here’s a couple of bonafide links to start you on your journey to true freedom in self realisation.

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