Good and Evil are inherent in all things of this world, yourself being the prime example.

ID, name, finger prints, DNA – locates a body in which a soul, the heart of all that matters, is resident. A provisioning account has been created in this physical world for that body.
That account, being owned by the Crown corporation, is the sole property of the Crown whereby in ownership the Crown has a self imposed contract to accept full liability for it.
The account can be used for good or for evil there are two intents that can be applied,
1. to provide for the living.
2. to provide death or hardship.
The devil is in the details, where the details become intellectually complicated in order to hide that devil.
Where an agent of the Crown solicits a signature from you on a form of any kind, it is not in order to grant you something it is in order for something to be taken from you.
The moment you sign something as the legal name or even think you have to sign it, is the moment you have been enticed in to committing fraud whereby you consent to give your energies to those that WILL use it for evil intent, you then become party to and subject to a lie, party and subject to all evil, where one act of evil begets another.
When life upon earth becomes rather obviously the product of great evil, should it not also be obvious that the intent that set men/women to action is evil?
The Crown is you, the intent is what you agree to, agents of the Crown will not do anything upon their own volition, their path is set by your lead, they are far too “asleep at the wheel” otherwise they would not be working for the Crown if they were “awake” to themselves, they take and provide action to the intent that you agree to. They are servants to your will and testament, it is your sole/soul task to sort out what you will or won’t will by your will in your declaration of death or life will to your beneficiary self, what intent you will be signatory to. Thy will be done, meaning Creations’ or truths’ will be done as opposed to the inherently evil will of the man will/mind.
In the physical literal world you must make it clear to others that you will not be signatory to anything that is not yours and thereby break/trespass the laws of both man and Creation. The legal name is not yours, you cannot stand in truth when you take that name and thereby submit your entire being to the plans of man in stead/place of Creation in so doing you worship man/evil not creation itself.
For more instructions on how to interact with lies and liars within and without visit

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