ANZAC Weekend A Ritualistic Celebration of Death. A Luciferian ritual, a manipulation of the energies of your mind.

it is important to me to recognise ignorance and lies so that I may conduct myself as best possible in a pro life manner by not following and acting upon concepts based on ignorance or lies.
To me being responsible is not living my life according to the lies of some one else and in order to find out what are lies I need to be examining the concepts put before me not merely accepting them and acting upon them in blind faith ignorance.
Those dead ANZACs’ signed up for or were conscripted without personal objection not standing in the truth of their own conviction but convictions of another, thus taking upon themselves the intent of an other.  (Note that word “convictions” as you are judged yourself upon your own convictions, you “convict” the self)
Doing the bidding of their master does not absolve them from their deeds or the original intent.
A fitting reward for the crime of murder If one is fool enough to kill for anothers’ sick beliefs would be to die the death one intends for an other.
This world for all intents and purposes is ruled by a death dependent construct simply because so many humans consent to it, mostly in ignorance, you can’t even eat without something having to die in order to sustain the human body. Just how far are you prepared to go with your participation in the evil nature of this construct? Are you prepared to cannibalise your own species in order to live?
ANZAC day is nothing short of three days of death worship ritual disguised with a veil of emotional regret by the living for fools whose minds worshiped a death wish.
Note that the time frame matches time spent in the tomb by another well known actor of old, ANZAC is a resurrection of the dead, this ritual celebration of the death concept bringing the dead back to life in the consciousness of the mourners, not only do they live on in memory but also the concept that got them dead in the first place also lives on fooling mankind it to believing it must kill those outside of itself as opposed to killing the death concept within his mind.

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