Legal Remedy? Sovereign? Freeman? Common Law? No Way!

The choice is yours, either to remain in the legal and physical matrix or to deny it entirely, all law is fiction, concepts of mind, binding you mentally, physically, spiritually and thus in soul to the concept you choose to believe in, this is why everything here on this planet is a “soul” contract, making you a sole trader, trader of your own soul and of the souls around you.

Cults have one commonality and that is money, someone is profiting upon their followers in some manner, whether it be directly gathering funds or by maintaining the status quo of the dominant system.
Be wary of those that offer the mind, doubt of your spiritual connection to creation itself, the exclusion of the subject is a suggestion that your ego mind can lead you to some kind of salvation without need of that spiritual connection or the acknowledgement of creation.
Those that insist on legal remedy are merely testing your faith and resolve in yourself and your understanding of who you are and what you are and ultimately Creation itself.
Legal remedy is an enticement to exact a vengeance of some kind in retaliation for some unfair treatment you may have received or some remedy you seek that may see you financially compensated.
There is absolutely no doubt in my experience that if you use a legal name claiming it to be yours or you are assumed to be a legal name or even use it knowing it is not you, the “system”, the “matrix”, the “Babylon” will be perpetuated and along with that the harm, injustice and murder we have come to see in our own experience and in the history we observe.
I have a disabled son whom I have taken care of for the past 25 years. As he is fully dependent for all his needs, there is no way he could research all this bullshit in order to control his destiny according to the manner worldly knowledge demands, thus my motivation to find a solution to worldly troubles that provides for all not just a few.
There are many in this world that do not have the capacity or the means to look after themselves in the manner these clowns suggest, without faith and a sense of spiritual connection to creation these people would be left entirely at the mercy of the compassionless “nanny” state, the Crown and those obviously ego centric narcissistic types that serve it and when their completely unsustainable regard for life and the planet and their economic model reach that inevitable point of total collapse and destruction, all life is at risk of being snuffed out.
Whether this system and its agents kill you quickly with a bullet to the head or slowly suck the life energies out of you leaving you destitute and diseased by depriving you of their “life sustaining money”, which can at any moment be worth less than it was yesterday or even worth nothing, thereby making your life worth nothing at all at the same time.
The intent is your physical and spiritual death – murder, to sign anything in this world is to sign your own and your loved ones’ death warrant.
The legal name is without doubt the key, the cornerstone/keystone, the lynchpin, the one thing that the operation of this control system is entirely dependent on.
Even if you were living completely self sufficiently without money, if you have a birth certificate with a legal name you are assumed to be and thereby deemed to be operating in commerce, the act of simply living, breathing, then becomes an act of commerce subject to the laws of commerce, and “they” will eventually get to you and attempt to exact their laws upon you and extract a portion or all of whatever wealth or possessions you have or take your body incarcerating it or killing it, how ridiculous is that? Is that something you really want or need?
Even the 2015 year old Bible points this out! The bible is one of many books written by many writers that say the same thing.
Revelation: “and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell except the one who has the mark”
How long do you reckon you can survive without the means to buy or sell and if someone else is helping themselves to as much as they want of your worldly wealth and energies if you consent to be ruled by laws of commerce or any other alternative law of man?
The “mark” is the legal name is that not now obvious to you?
Following those seeking legal remedy, you will always be still “lost” on some “level” if you believe them and you will prevent yourself from exploring your own connection with Creation itself.
Once you completely detach from the legal name mentally and spiritually there is nothing you have to “do” or can do in “the system” you only need get on with living life, taking care of, loving and providing for your loved ones, I am living that life. Lose the mental attachment to the name, the spiritual attachment will cease to exist and watch the magic happen!
My life is dependent on truth as it becomes apparent to me not anyone else, it doesn’t matter who the physical source of any recent truth might be, rest assured that it is not the original source, truth is a path that is essential and by accepting those truths that become apparent to me by way of my own discernment in a spirit of benevolent intent toward all, not just self, these truths become mine and I follow that which resonates with my heart and mind, the existence of anyone else in my life does not alter truth itself.
In these things I follow myself, accepting 100% responsibility for my choices and I find out very quickly if the belief is true or false, it seems to me that following a path of truth in order to connect with creation itself to provide solution over any man made/thought solution is the best choice for my children, myself and the rest of humanity.

5 thoughts on “Legal Remedy? Sovereign? Freeman? Common Law? No Way!

  1. the name only owns you if you dont understand the contract its used in……..every person has the choice to enter their own contract with the crown or the pope in their OWN name should they ever CHOOSE to……they simply refuse to learn how, no deception, no conspiracy, no ill intent……just our own laziness to inform ourselves and learn how to control our self and its energies x

    1. No Pauline, the contract that you are subject to is one that there is little possibility of you finding out. Originally the contract was between your parents and the Crown not you it is one you never knew about and still has nothing to do with you unless you use the name, when you do you are a third party interloper – no standing in any court against the Crown. You implicate yourself by breaching the Crown copyright over the book called Registry the name is a copyright passage in that book. I could go on to explain the entire literal legal implications but i won’t as that information is available on the link in the article. Instead I will skip the literal and head right to the point of the design, which that it is designed to control your thinking processes, your mind, the things you believe in turn controlling your reality experience. If you are unable to get your head around this feel free to ask more questions. All the best Leannan Sith

    2. the intent to deceive is inherent in “mans law” Pauline no question about it, if you use a legal name without express written permission you are owned no matter how smart you think you are or how learned in legalese you might be. There is no equality in these mens laws where one does not have express permission to use a legal name nor express written permission to engage in legal processes, if you are not a member serving the cult you will not find justice nor do you live in, or for, truth.

  2. You are right that any law is enslavement, but it’s not just the false idol of a name that binds you it’s ANY sin, i.e. anything not of the “fruit of the spirit” in Gal 5:22-23. Judges are the “schoolmasters” (Gal 3:24) in charge of our “inheritance” of the “earth and all nations” (Gal 4:1-3) with a most important job of testing and rewarding love and faith. I hope you’re found worthy of the kingdom. ❤

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