Culmination of Those Aha Moments

I came to a point through deliberate experimenting with those in the system, cops, courts etc where I was able to prove to myself that all of this is a trap, a baited hook to the biggest con ever perpetrated on mankind that uses the mind of the man himself to destroy himself by his own ignorant egotistical consent. It is all to do with contract and the mind/belief. Since all things legal are simply fiction, a collection of ideas put on paper having no physical form whatsoever, these things are akin to a religion which bring consequences of a physical nature according to a set of rules by which the believer binds himself in mental and thus spiritual contract with. The bible actually says a lot about this if you are able to get your head around not taking it literally, perhaps more on that at a later date.

The entire legal system based upon UCC rules, acts regulations, statutes of commercial code are hinged upon the legal name. Without a legal name one cannot trade or even live upon this planet according to those rules (how insane and inhuman is that?) It is a concept where truth does not exist and cannot be allowed. The Birth certificate provides the first entry in what could be called “the book of the dead” this is the first contract put upon a child but is in actually fact not of the childs’ doing but that of the parents. An act by the parents that gifts the childs’ name (parents intellectual property) to the Crown in return for a piece of paper with a title on it. The name having been entered in to the Crown copyright book called “Registry” then becomes a passage of said book whereby any use of that passage becomes a copyright infringement subject to Crown jurisdiction by those who use it. Permission to use a Crown copyright name is only granted through a bar card which only lawyers/solicitors may have and are sworn to uphold the interests of the Crown above all else. Since any use of the copyright name involves money in one form or another and whether it be being obtained by an individual or being taken off said individual it falls under the jurisdiction of Crown laws of commerce and the user is automatically in default having committed a felony crime of fraud, use of copyright material for the purpose of pecuniary gain. Since this fraud is now exposed it is rendered null and void nunc pro tunc as if it never existed, which as a logical progression of the fractal means that these laws now do not exist as a reality they are the fiction that they always were and can be ignored, that means that all demands sent and written on paper are a fraud revealed. meaningless threats may accompany them but they cannot be enforced in honour.
Since the owner of all names is the Crown and with ownership comes the duty of liability it is clear that the Crown is responsible for all debt and therefore all bills, notices, demands, etc must be either forwarded to the owners c/- The Lord Mayor, City of London State, London, England, or simply tossed in the trash, lose the fear of pieces of paper with squiggles on them they have no power.
Once you realise this you are on a path to finding out who and what you really are, i,e if you are not a name what are you? Only then will your journey start to become more pleasantly interesting and more magical
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