Your Power Company is Scamming You

it is a good day for all! The exact words are a bit hazy but not really a guarantee that you can use them just repeating them as the words you use must come from you as from your point of view they will be specifically designed for your own situation. I will do the best I can to will relate this mornings story.

I had just walked my nine year old to school and was almost at the driveway of the house we live in when a familiar vehicle passed me it was a white ute with a ladder on top no markings but i knew what he was here for.
He pulled up the driveway and stopped I went to his window and said in a big cheerful voice “good morning brother!” I could tell he wasn’t expecting such a warm greeting as one would expect when the deed he was instructed to perform could result in death and at the very least extreme hardship for the beings living in the home.
He starts looking sheepishly at all his paperwork, my heart is doing a little race, nothing anywhere near my first kidnapping by police though, I am internally going breathe ya idiot breathe so I breathe and wait for him to say more, he starts to intimate an inquiry as to “this is…. (intimating address) no answer “who lives here” no answer “what’s the name” I say “sorry bro can’t give you a name the contract the people who sent you have is with the Crown.” “The people who sent you intend to kill my disabled son” Jeeze his lovely brown skin went pale when I said that”.
He gets out of his truck and said “you will have to get a lawyer…” I interrupted saying “the company that wants to contract needs to send legal documents” fumbling around and pulls his phone out to ring head orifice and starts talking to some female voice saying “he can’t give me a name” I said their contract is with the crown” he repeated it to the voice on the phone whilst he is walking around in circles on the front lawn I start to walk to the house and he says “where’s the meter” I said “come brother its over here around the back”  I am starting to relax more now I walk in the house and he is on the back doorstep  he pulls the front off the meter box (leaving it naked for all to see 😀 ) he says to the phone “he hasn’t got a contract” I said “their company has a contract with the crown to supply and maintain a connection to every household” he repeats that to the phone, a few seconds pause and he says “he has a disabled son” then “have you got medical equipment?” I said “yes” he says “can I come in and look?” I said “I will bring him out to see you” him – “no can I come and look at the medical equipment?” me – “no you can’t come inside you are not allowed to your company rules say so” he talks to the hand/phone, Vinnie, my son has done a shit and I can smell it wafting through the hall I said “you will have to excuse me my son has done a shit and I will have to clean him up in the shower I won’t be long” him – “ok” head kind of bowed speaking to phone that is also listening.
I go in Vinnies’ room and he has made a beauty really smelly and has plastered it over himself feet to face hahahaha I pick him up and walk to the door and say “this is my boy Brother I will have to shower him sorry to keep you” he looks at Vinnie and I bet he could not help but smell it hahahaha he is looking rather confused and worried I toodle off to the shower talking away to “poo bum” and put him in the shower then return to the back door.
The guy has one of those red card warning bits of paper with the invitation to call them on it in his hand and says “I can’t cut the power we have no contract” BING!
I start to try and explain the legal name and he quickly says “you go look after your boy” and he leaves the card on the rubbish bin and walks down the steps, as he is walking away I follow him and say hey this isn’t your fault bro don’t worry I am doing this for all your people, all of us” he is looking really scared backing away from me like I was poison, I stopped and he quickly went toward his truck I called out ” you’re welcome to come back if you want me to explain it to you as long as you aren’t in the uniform” not a sound did he utter and he left!
So there ya go folks we have already payed for everything, generations of us! break that fucking contract you are paying the Crowns bills all because you think you are a name, that single truth will free you from the tyranny of your own thinking/be-LIE-fs and the shit deals it brings to you in the physical world. Vinnies shit I will gladly take care of, theirs? not a fucking shit show mate! To use a legal name is a copyright infringement you do not own what you think is your name, The Crown owns the copyright on all names, to use a name belonging to the Crown is to use it in commerce for the purpose of pecuniary advantage, it doesn’t make any difference if you are taking money or having it taken off you (most will be taken from you) it is subject to the jurisdiction of laws of commerce, rules, regulations, acts, statutes, Uniform Commercial code.

Basically rules of commerce say that unless you have a name you cannot buy, trade, sell, own, anything, you cannot live unless you have money, and you accept rules of commerce to rule your life, kind of lopsided contract isn’t it? Do you really want that?

For those of you that are biblically familiar
Revelations: chapter 13

16: And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, (signature) or in their foreheads (mind)

17: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark. or the name of the beast, or the number of his name

for further info have a read of these helpful links

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