What’s In The Mail?

Who needs a stamp?
Address both front and back of the package with the same details of where it has to go and just stick it in the box it will get there guaranteed, you don’t even have to put the recipients legal name on it!
Why do you think it might be called “mail”? if it were spelled “male” you might comprehend the reason, and why is a mail box called a box and have a slot in it?
Why must the mail always get through?
Why are there such heavy penalties for interfering with the mail?
Why is the mail service overseen by government?
The mail box represents you, nothing must impede the insemination of your box with white paper seed that will impregnate you causing you to produce money to give to the Crown. Rules of commerce, just another way the Crown “rapes” you.
Have fun with your new free mail service,
and for those of you that just had a little twinge of guilt that you may be doing something wrong WTF where is your head at? Who is stealing from who? These rules apply to who? do you agree with them? I bloody well hope not! https://howbabylonfell.wordpress.com
This brings to mind another anomaly concerning mail/male do you know the difference between unsolicited mail and solicited mail? no it isn’t mail you don’t want and mail you do want, unsolicited mail is mail that is not from a “solicitor” and should go straight in the bin along with “solicited” mail I am sure you do not want or need offers to take money off you unless half a mil in coins fell on top of you. Solicited mail is from solicitors who solicit, now isn’t soliciting a crime? yep check for yourself http://legal-dictionary.com/solicitation (please excuse the filthy language on that site)
Sex workers engage in “solicitation” kind of strange that lawyers/liars do as well, no fair minded individual really needs to get mixed up in that kind of crap now do we?

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