Protection or Remedy for the Individual Against the Police or Other Agents of the Crown

Police and Agents of the Crown, are sworn to serve and protect Crown interests above the interests of you Mr Joe Average. It does not serve Crown interests to “punish” one of its’ own. Protection for you against Crown interests is heavily weighted against you and anything of a remedy depends on whose ass they are protecting as to how close they will stick to the rules, the further up the food chain an agent is the less protection will be afforded you.
Over my lifetime of 61 years I have observed many rules being introduce so that the last rule that caused them grief was no longer effective in remedy for their intended victims. This Triple Crown system is designed with an inherent flaw, it relies on the ego of man for its truth not the truth of God the creator of everything, it is sure to fail the living over and over and over as history has attempted to tell us, as countless biblical passages tell us, as countless passages in other spirit related works of other religious flavour would also tell us, as countless independent authors of both books and movies still try to tell us but are passed off as fiction, as life itself demonstrates to so many of us in dealings with Agents of the Crown. The most dominant work of fiction being the “triple” Crown system of law money and religion shows us in every day of our present lives how pervasive it and how dispassionate it is toward your individual well being and how obsessed it is with control through money, law and spiritual domination.
There are two things that almost every human being on this planet have in common in regards to this system, one is a name and the other is a birth certificate. These two things are the instruments in man made law that are used to enslave the entire human race which place all under the jurisdiction of commercial law. Common law is not a solution for the people because it still recognises the Crown and its ownership concepts, money concepts and its spiritual concepts, it is the backup plan for evil because conflict, doubt and separation from spirit dwells deep in the human psyche.
Ego thinks it is the shit and the more well “educated” or cunning the ego is in the ways of man the deeper in the shit the man becomes even to the point of his own destruction.
What you have grown up to believe is your name, is an entry in the Crown owned and copyright book called “Registry”. Everything in the body of that book is Crown copyright i.e owned by the crown, just like a passage in any copyright book and as like any copyright or patent intellectual property is subject to laws of commerce whereby the “owner” is entitled to complete ownership of all profit and physical embodiment or “property” from that works or a portion of anyone elses profit from work that uses or constitutes a physical embodiment of said intellectual property for pecuniary gain.
Anything “registered” with the Crown is both a gift to the Crown and a contract with the Crown giving the Crown both ownership and “jurisdiction”.
Even though you had nothing to do with the gift of the name your parents gave to the Crown you most certainly carry the sins of the father, so as to speak, just carrying the name your parents trained you to respond to!
Sin = debt where the Crown is concerned, absolutely nothing to do with Godliness.
The spiritual sin against our creator is that you choose to give your mind, body, spirit and soul within to, believe in, to bow to, effectively worship, the ways of the men/women of the Crown, creators of only fiction instead of the ways of creation itself. There are no agents of the Crown that are productive in the manner of the rest of the population of the world, how many do you know that til the soil or run the shops, carry the goods, build the houses, buildings, roads, cars, work in the restaurants, none support life in the manner the average man or woman does, their job is to take from the living in order that they might live. It is a parasitic existence they lead, the Crown Corporation is a parasite and a completely unnatural one at that in the grand scheme of creation I will add it has no place in nature nor should it have a place in the lives of men women and children.
Do not think for a moment that it is not your doing or it is not your responsibility because it is, you willingly participate in this insane fantasy by using what you thought was your name, it is you that continue to hold it in your consciousness as being an authority as God, you support its’ murderous intent what else can you expect in life if you continue to keep this concept ruling your consciousness?
We must all disassociate ourselves from that legal name, you are not and do not own that name in a world ruled by legal fiction rules, regulations, statutes and acts of commercial code.

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