You can only contract in commerce by infringing copyright constituting fraud for pecuniary gain

All electricity suppliers have a contract with the Crown to supply and maintain connection to every household, if they disconnect these services they are in breach of their contract with the Crown, you do not have permission or authority to contract with them with a legal name, any contract made with them is a fraudulent contract null and void, nunc pro tunc. When you contract with any supplier using what you think is your name you are committing fraud, by way of a breach of copyright. What you think is your name, the one you get a license with, get a bank account with, fill out a form with, enter in to contracts with, perform any acts of commerce with, is a name that is Crown owned property, any agreement you make using that name is giving your consent to you taking over the liability for that Crown owned name. Anything registered with the Crown is a gift to the Crown. Since everything “registered” has been gifted to the Crown and falls under the jurisdiction of Crown law, the Crown is liable for all, there is no need for any human self to claim liability and especially not by committing fraud using a name in commerce that belongs to the Crown.
Are you or are you not a Crown copyright name in the body of the Crown copyright book called “The Registry”?

Accept no liability give nor accept any legal name, commit no fraud.

Liability for all debts belongs to the Crown. Stop allowing agents for the Crown, politicians, courts of law, from misappropriating the wealth of the world where the underlying intent is to deprive, disadvantage and murder the living, the Crown is liable for all debt let it pay for the needs of the living.

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