If it is “Divine Justice” you seek, be careful where you look for it and who you ask, there are fakers out there, and you are one of them!!

There is one thing almost all upon this planet share in common and that is a “name”, that name and a birth certificate registered in a book titled “Register” which is a “Crown Corporation” copyright creation.

Let’s get an idea of how pervasive “The Crown Corporation” really is on this planet, every country that has a “court of law” has a Crown Corporate court. Every country that is governed by “law” or “lawfully” governed is a subject to and of a Crown Corporate  government structure of law and by law. Crown law is corporate law, law of commerce.

So here is the situation, the entire population of the planet is governed by rules. regulations, acts and statutes of commercial law.

All things “money” are governed by the laws of commerce, this in effect places anyone who uses money under the jurisdiction of laws of commerce in a world governed by laws of commerce.
However, this is not the most important part of how you the living being, the human self, the I am I am, the man standing on the land, the sovereign being, however you want to de-scribe yourself, is party to and consenting to fall under the jurisdiction of Crown law by way of that law whether you agree to it or not.

Legal joinder is created by way of copyright infringement that has you bound and chained to these laws. Every name on a birth certificate is an entry or page or sentence in books known as “The Register” created by “The Crown” and copyrighted each name entered in to the registry becomes part of the “body of the works” effectively making the name copyright.
To use a name which is registered in that book and claim it for oneself is a copyright infringement, to use said name is to use it in commerce as all matters between people are considered matters between corporate entities in commerce, whereby all things become  matters of money, and the name is used for the purposes of pecuniary gain, you are thereby committing a pretense, an impersonation, a fraud, now popularly dubbed as “legal name fraud”.

Strangest thing about these books called “Registry”, which are the product of the minds of men, i.e works of someones fiction,  they do not have “the end” written in them, as people continue to “register” things like their house, their car, their children, their marriage, their dog, the words written in the books throughout your life you supply willingly to write that book and help grow Crown ownership of everything by way of your gifts, your energies produced in your life by way of it being entered in to the body of the books, all you are and all you have becomes Crown property “gifted” by you to the Crown as an entry in a register.

The good news and at the same time the bad news is that everything about Crown law is a misrepresentation of the true intent thereby, according to their own rules, making every contract with the Crown, known or unknown, null and void. However, what court are you going to go to in order to resolve the matter to your advantage whereby this truth will be recognised when all courts are connected to the Crown and all agents of the Crown are knowingly sworn to uphold the interests of the Crown even above matters of extreme moral injustice?

Wow, caught between a rock and a hard place aren’t you?
Don’t think for more than a moment that common law is going to save you, it may provide temporary relief but the underlying intent still exists in all men/women to bite you another day, common law is also fiction from the minds of men, a bandaid on a bullet in the head.

If you know what divine justice is and even if you don’t know what it is, the only place you will find it is within, not “out there” in the minds of other men/women.
How many times have you heard the saying “there is no justice in the world” or “government is corrupt” “he or she is morally depraved’ or corporations are not interested in nature or human welfare only profit”, “people are obsessed with money”, “the world is run by psychopaths”, “cops are bent”, “the law is an ass”  etc? what the hell can you expect when the law that governs the minds of men, that you follow and obey, is a commercially biased fictional product of the minds of men? Yes concern for human life only appears to be important if it is profitable, about time you asked yourself why you follow and obey those laws isn’t it?.
Oh but if I disobey it I will get in trouble” who told you that? is that your own original idea? I don’t think so and I think whoever told you that was telling you a lie, “oh but they might take my house, my car, my money”, yep they have every right to, you signed all those things over to the Crown and money does not belong to you either, they will take it all off you when “they” decide to have a “world war”. Who are you going to get in trouble with? another man or a group of men who also believe in lies? Sure as hell you will get in trouble if you believe in lies as well, see the trouble it is just thinking about it in that manner! the worst thing about that situation is that in truth to avoid “getting in trouble with them” you are prepared to let “them tell you or your children to go kill someone you don’t even know, steal their car, blow up their house and leave them without income as your masters steal their resources so that you can keep all your worldly possessions because if you don’t consent your masters will have someone do it to you.
Face it, this world is dysfunctional because of what you and the rest of humanity expects to happen to them in life should they disobey fictional laws of governmind (no that is not a typo).
You may choose to play in their Crown court and perhaps even win, because you can, many hours of study can prove it, there are key “loopholes” everywhere in these laws that can enable you to “win” the downside to this is that also by winning you are still giving life to this most vial fiction maintaining its existence, how many others can you and your ego help? Can you help all 7 and a half billion to win all of the time? How many lifetimes will it take until all are aware of the “loopholes” the fraud and fiction and “winning”?

Now, the bit about you being a faker, here is proof if it is a literal explanation you need in order to “see”. The thing you think you do your thinking with is not the sum total of what you are. This body we come to inhabit has a brain which has two equal halves, left brain and right brain (not called left and right for nothing either) very few come in to this world with memory of anything prior to birth so all the body has is a basic set of survival “instincts” programmed in to the mind within. The induction training begins as you become familiar with “earthly” living, all information beginning with training provided by interaction with Mum and Dad, sisters and brothers and immediate family all with their various levels of mis-understanding passing their “inherited” mis-information along to you. In the beginnings of your development is more on a “feeling” manner, love, joy, feeling bulletproof on the positive side, fear, anger, vulnerability, on that “other” dark side. Even in the womb the body and brain of your “android” are subject to and become familiar with the chemical changes due to sharing these stimuli with the host. After your body emerges from the womb those feelings are then recognised along the way as being connected with stimuli and actions observed in others outside of itself, then it is pretty much monkey see monkey do from then on.
These inherited interpretations and actions are based in misguided notions of concepts of how to react to things like fear and anger, belief being reinforced by observance of common reaction and for all intents those reactions are contrary to the well being of the individual experiencing this manner of discord within.
The interpretations are both true and a lie, true depending on if the desired outcome is to be miserable, injured or dead or living in peace love and happiness, more often than not the former is the effect despite the recipient not actually liking those things or being consciously aware of what experience it is they picked to bring to the self or how they picked it. Hence the lie within is lived, hence the label “faker”.
The lies you live by are all connected to the basic fact that your mind is full of misinformation inherited from those in the world about you and you act upon that information as if it were truth, your acceptance of these lies is obviated by both your witting or unwitting participation in a system that is based on the intents of theft of your energies and your own destruction by way of deceiving yourself by believing you are nothing more than a legal fiction entry in a book called a Registry thereby becoming party to consenting to and complicit in every bit of evil enacted by man upon this planet.
To put it a little more simply, if you believe that you are a legal name, a work of fiction created by other men/women and think that you must obey rules of fiction and fall under the authority of other men/women then you are acting out a part in their fiction you are a faker.

Jeeze that’s a bit heavy eh? Little me responsible for the continuation of all of the shit happening on the entire planet, how am I going to put that one right? Seems only a miracle or divine intervention will do, where do miracles come from? What is divine intervention and where does it come from?
Is it not some kind of miracle that a system of belief that is so obviously bent toward destruction of the entire planet should reign merely by simply preoccupying the minds of men and women?
Does that not suggest to you where the basis of the problem lays?
This is where the other side of your brain comes in, the “right” side, you know, “right thinking”?
Your right side brain can be described as the side that handles the intuitive stuff, that stuff that is so often hard to believe, the intangible stuff, the stuff that appears to be true but defies the logic yet can also manifest physically as being true.
Unlike the left brain stuff that you can so readily see the results of manifestation in this so called reality (which is also a clue) right brain stuff is rarely so obvious in “this reality” but it does exist, the stuff that leaves you with that stunned mullet look of disbelief as your left brain has no explanation for it, evident in acts such as kindness to others we witness, compassionate actions, benevolence toward all, things in nature that appear so magical in beauty and creativity and many other kinds of “magical moments” it is hard to spot as it is rarely recognised or even thought about that some connection to “mind makes all this right brain stuff manifest and by all accounts more of it would turn out to be far more benevolent for all.
For all intents that are benevolent to only one or few, these are products of left brain/ego thinking, all intents benevolent to all are products of right brain/spirit thinking.
In a world of left brain thinkers or “doers”, it is little wonder the place is a mess, it is high time the left brain ego mind surrendered to something far more intelligent and benevolent toward all, it all starts and ends with you and your inner conflict. Oh and just because you might be left handed does not mean you are not a left brain thinker and do not have an ego mind this is not a physical thing it is a “mind” thing you are still subject to worldly programming, where you store the information is irrelevant and domination of mind is still the left brain mode of thinking and belief.
Truth and lies are where your conflict is based, since you are the only one doing the thinking inside your head it is only you that can sort truth from lies that are held in your mind – your world, it isn’t about taking score or debate it is about developing the skill to pick the lie in the implanted idea showing the error in the ego mind belief and erasing it as a “thing” you lead your life with.
When you believe the lie of another it becomes your lie and your life will suffer as a consequence of that lie, that lie then belongs to you and dominates what you “do” in life, the intent of a lie is to deceive.
The consequences can be devastating, quite easily observable in the destruction and conflict that appears to have been present on this planet for centuries.

So if you want some divine justice where would be the best place to start looking since you can’t trust anything or anyone outside of yourself and probably not even half of what you have stored in your memory banks?
Since it is more readily accessible even though not 100% reliable for truth due to the inherent misconceptions it contains, the mind inside of the self is the more readily available, favourable and forgiving place to look than outside of the self.
What to look for?
Lies and truth in everything that you “believe” about living life on this planet and especially regarding “laws” and “authority” taught to you by others and your misguided impressions of what you have observed in your lifetime so far.
Since both lies and truth are connected as fractals of the originating truth or lie are evident in the intent, it becomes a simple binary search to find the truth, the lie, the intent, true or false, 0 or 1, yes or no. An idea works as intended or it doesn’t what is the intent, good or evil, truth or lie? Note the duality and trinity in that statement, all things can be truth or a lie relative to the intent.

I sincerely wish for your sake and as a consequence for the sake of humanity that you are at least beginning see the importance of that which is contained within you as being the most important bit as opposed to everything outside of you.
No matter what the stupid destructive idea might be or who the actual human self was that introduced it to this world the source and intent is shared by all of humanity because of one contract that binds mind, body, spirit and soul to a fiction. Think about what a fact is, fact – if you breath water you will drown, if you leave the pistons out of your newly built engine it will not function as intended, if you put your finger in a wall socket whilst the power is on you will get an electrical shock, if you run a “virus” on your computer it will not function as intended, if you plant a seed it will grow, these are consequences to things of a physical nature, how does that relate to non physical things of the mind?
Everything starts for you with a thought, connected to that thought can be many, or few beliefs, some false some true. for example, in order to leave the pistons out of your engine there needed to be a thought, in order to receive an electrical shock from a wall socket there needed to be a thought, if you had not thought that thought the experience would not be manifest, some idea that will prompt you to physical action to interact with the wall socket.
Even forgetting is dependent on thought, it could have been the thought of breathing water that caused you to omit the pistons from your engine or perhaps your intimacy with the wall socket provided the necessary distraction.

Thought is most underrated, underexposed, in this world, as to its importance as a subject worth finding out more about, the least “thought” about thing we think about and generally the least understood of all human functions, the mind is constantly busied with complicated strategies that conform to and support the continuance of a status quo, most things learned are learned by repetition, the left brain mind in auto-record auto-repeat mode, the induction race for second hand knowledge to be recorded uninterrupted, information overload, like popups on your browser, purely adding noise to the space inside, disturbance to the inner peace.
Ever noticed how hard it is to get that mind and meat stick to perform when you just aren’t interested, perhaps something is telling you whatever you are being called to “do” just isn’t that important or is detrimental to your well being, but you never really quite figure out the nuts and bolts of it? That is the “other side” getting a word in unless of course you are just bone lazy.
The man with years of academic prowess is no closer to a solution for mankind than the man of little worldly scholar, both live and die equally perplexed at the injustice and sheer stupidity they have been party and witness to, conflict and drama of biblical proportion mimicking the stuff seen in movies and other works of fiction, or is it that movies mimic lives of fiction? Fiction is be both mimic of and precursor to reality.
The mind that lives only by the literal sees and creates the same old, evil shit repeating and compounding throughout life continually.

As the most dominant force on this planet has come to be recognised as force of law, (force of laws of commerce) therein lies the secret of this worldly enslavement, the secret of intent, the secret of where the mind is focused, the dominant preoccupation of mind, the worship!
Those that work in service to these “laws” are not going to give anything back or put anything right “they” are all sworn to protect the interests of the Crown corporation to the death and usually it will be yours in preference to their own. They are owned body, mind, spirit and soul by an illusional, delusional, concept of mind because they “believe” in it and as long as you are playing in Crown courts you are attaching yourself to their system by way of “state of mind” thus you too are “owned” and the consequences according to the delusion become your reality which may conclude in your own “legal” death if you fail to recognise the illusion for what it is and continue in your ways of conflict, it is only in surrender that peace can be found, surrender of the construct in mind, the idea that constricts and limits the mind, spirit, soul and body in freedom.
Only when the mind is free can the body also be free. You are playing a game with people that are far more deeply mind fucked than you, to play the game is to join the insanity giving life to the illusion, a fictional concept that only serves the death and destruction.
I too (like many others now) deliberately set out to prove to myself that knowing “the law” and putting the “right” “legal” words on paper, sending it to someone in a fictional position of authority or appearing in a court of fictional law to debate works of fiction makes no difference to the outcome in support of “human rights” because we effectively declare ourselves to also be a dead legal fiction in “Crown” owned courts even if we win one. I provided myself proof by simply declaring that I am not a legal fiction name under Crown jurisdiction and offering no further debate on it, simply observing the assumption and presumption and associated processes that followed.
When we play that game we are playing a game that involves only the ego mind pitting ourselves against ourselves (the learned and thus expected reaction to the suggestion that you are somehow a criminal) which leaves the only thing that really has solution out of the equation – the spirit connection to creation itself, concepts of the worldly reality based on the imaginings from the minds of men will always bewilder, cause us to obsess and fail us, stuck in the matrix, trapped in the box.
Look around nature is still getting on with real life, whilst humankind are wallowing around mentally drowning themselves in a cesspool of intellectually obsessive shit devoid of any other possible reality, why can’t you be the same as nature?
Relax, breathe, feed the body make it healthy and strong, make the left brain take its rightful place in service of the body functions serve the living not the dead you are way more than just a collection of logical data and memory in a meat stick, once you give yourself a break and clear that mind with its incessant uncomfortable discord of mind chatter about rights and wrongs and vengeance and all the other emotionally disturbing and distracting stuff, get it under control so as to speak, allow the “other side”, anagogic, of the true you to start doing its work from the “pro life” spirit connection to creation itself.



of or relating to an anagoge.

Psychology. deriving from, pertaining to, or reflecting the moral or idealistic striving of the unconscious:

anagogic image; anagogic interpretation.
Greek word suggesting a “climb” or “ascent” upwards. The anagogical is a method of spiritual interpretation of literal statements or events
A mystical interpretation of a word, passage, or text, especially scriptural exegesis that detects allusions to heaven or the afterlife.

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